Three types of bridal gowns depending on the silhouette

Sometimes the model of bridal gown that you perceive as being the most suitable for you is not quite what you have been expecting to look as wished. How can this be possible? Well, certain models are certainly designed for emphasizing certain body shapes and lines and the body proportions differ from a person to another! Of course, you know this thing already and there is the need of establishing from the very beginning how do you want to look like: if you want to be fresh and tender, feminine, sexy, casual or graceful….
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In the following lines one can observe the most common styles of bridal gowns that are designed according to the body proportions and the feminine shapes that one has. These being said, let’s go together into a journey of bridal gowns that are designed in such a manner as to make you look outstanding and unique and among these you can observe the one that suits you totally!

We’re going to start with the short bridal gowns, which are so popular in our days….

What makes a bridal gown to be chosen to be worn can be its unusual qualities that have nothing to do with the daily features of outfits. According to the new tendencies, the skirt tends to get shorter and shorter and depending on this the bride will be characterized as extravagant and nonconformist. In this way, you will be offered a fresh new touch and different from classic brides. The color of butter will create a counter balance with the length of the skirt. The dress will emphasize in a beautiful manner the lines of the body and will capture the attention towards the delicate line of the bust and a total elegance if the dress contains a little bit of lace. The games of textures are incomparable and if there’s a detachable train, then it’s even better. This is definitely a combination of the classic with more modern touches and you can be certain that there will be a unique effect created if you adopt such a model!

short bridal gownCredit
Short bridal gown

A princess bridal gown is totally great, seen that this year is all about royalty!

princess bridal gownCredit
Princess bridal gown

There’s a saying that shows the fact that the bridal gowns that are real indeed are the princess type – these are the most feminine and the only ones that can carry one, even for a day in a world of dream. Expressing the idea of traditional and classic, but really modern in the same time, this type of wedding dress impresses through its beauty and the sophisticated style! Even if it’s ripped from a fantasy, or it’s colored or white, the princess bridal gown is a symbol of abundance and wealth – expressed through the addition of lace, tulle or ribbons. The more nonconformist brides can apply for a princess bridal gown that has different chromatic applications and daring tones of green or purple! The personalized embroidery with different silk applications or flower motifs, as well as the plus of colors are totally going to assure you that you won’t be ignored by the ones attending your wedding!

Now, we end with the mermaid bridal gowns, which are between the most popular ones and you can be sure that you will be unique and dazzling in the bridal day with such a piece on!

These have always been considered as creations that make the difference indeed and also that they are totally going to show a unique and memorable look to the bride, in a really superb and unique manner.

mermaid bridal gownCredit
Mermaid bridal gown

Also, the silhouette has to permit you to wear such a piece, because you don’t want to look stuffed in what you are wearing. Think of warm tones and maybe stone applications on the surface of the bodice…. Don’t these seem to you interesting enough? Well, they should be and you can offer a new interpretation to such a model through an imposing model that ends with a long train, which will totally add you a tone of refinement. The layers of fabric that offer volume and a great look…. These are elements that we have been talking about and we’re sure that you’re going to remain pleased with such a dress on!

Don’t wear a short bridal gown if you’re not pleased of your legs and also don’t apply for a mermaid bridal gown if the silhouette area is chubbier….