Exotic wedding dresses 2

You know us! As soon as we treat a subject, we like to continue with it until there are no ideas and examples left. So here are some other great looking exotic wedding dresses and we hope that you take them into consideration- as a form of art, at least.

The first exotic wedding dress that we want to talk about is made in a yellow tone and it has nice looking details on it. This dress is conceived on the body in such a mode that it highlights the upper side of the body.

exotic wedding dresses 2

It has halter straps and nice looking embroidery on these. Also there’s a ruffled detail in the front side of the dress and there are some areas uncovered of the body, like the belly button and the area between the breasts. The skirt is really flowing on the body and underneath you can observe very slightly the legs, but not too much- it leaves a trace of mystery behind.
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Here’s another suggestion of exotic wedding dress and this is to be worn if you really like it. It’s sleeveless and it has a tight corset with tiered elements on it. The skirt is really ruffled and it has nice looking details on it, being made of two different types of fabric, it has ruffled details on the margins and somewhere in the middle side of the skirt you can observe how the taffeta made part is coming from underneath. The corset is sleeveless and it has nice looking embroidery in a darker tone just underneath the breasts.

exotic wedding dresses 2 2

In most of these dresses there’s the Asiatic source of inspiration and this can be observed in the two dresses that we’re just going to present to you.

The first model that can be observed in the left side is made in dark and strong color tones, also there’s a gold insertion too in order to create a stronger color effect. This dress is sleeveless and it has one detail made of embroidery on the right shoulder, this detail begins from the dress’ bodice and it continues towards the neck. The golden applications of fabric can be observed on the breasts and on the skirt.

Let’s also mention that the skirt is really flowing on the body and it begins from the waist line down to the feet. Underneath this shiny model of wedding dress, there’s another area that is made of red and velvety fabric. Indeed, this may not be the most interesting model of wedding dress that we’ve suggested to you, but it is definitely something different from what you’re used to.

exotic wedding dresses 2 3

The last model that we suggest can be observed on the left side of the image, it is composed of a short upper side and it continues with a long skirt with plenty of details on it. The upper side goes up to the collar and it’s sleeveless, it stops somewhere on the waist line and you can perfectly observe the woman’s shapes. The skirt is realized in multiple layers of fabric and it has nice embroidery on and it’s made in green, turquoise and ochre tones.