Colored Anjolique wedding dresses

Colored wedding dresses are definitely designed for those who are bored of the classical models and expect something new in order to emphasize them and in the same time we’re sure that you’re going to love the way in which these make you feel in them. For instance, the particular wedding dresses that we’ve chosen to speak in this topic are Anjolique wedding dresses and it’s a real pity if you don’t take them into consideration.

We start with the first colored wedding dress signed Anjolique, which isn’t in fact that colored, the unique thing that makes it different in comparison with the others, is the fact that it’s not perfectly white and that it has a vague cream tone. What can be said about this wedding dress?

colored Anjolique wedding dresses

The first thing is that it’s designed in A – style and with lots of embroidered details on the surface of the corset and on the skirt as well, especially on the skirt. For instance, you can observe the spaghetti straps that make this wedding dress really sexy in the same time. As for the skirt, it’s composed almost entirely of flower details, which are placed on this skirt and they create a stunning visual effect. Certainly, with such a model you’re not going to regret having to suffer a little bit!
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Here’s the other Anjolique wedding dress that we wanted to share with you and we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with it as well. So, we’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress that has a straight neckline and it’s made in A – style and on top of all it’s a colored wedding dress, which is made in faded blue tone….

The waistline is emphasized in a pretty manner with a ribbon attached all around the waist and ending tied up in a bow. Another thing that we want to add is related to the short train in the back side, which will definitely create the impression that you’re taller. On the margins of the skirt you can observe the embroidery, which is certainly going to complete the imagery of this gorgeous piece!

colored Anjolique wedding dresses 2

And our examples don’t end here…. We’ve got some other colored wedding dresses to mention about; in fact only one has remained to be presented! So, we’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress that we made in vague mermaid wedding dress style.

colored Anjolique wedding dresses 3

This one is tight on the body, down to the thighs and you can observe how it continues in the back side with a long train. Let’s also add that this wedding dress is made in pink pale tone and that you’re not going to regret taking it into account – it’s indeed a gorgeous model of colored wedding dress!