Forever Yours bridals

Due to the fact that we’ve presented plenty of pieces of bridal gowns for the most special lady in her biggest day we decided that it would be also a nice idea to share some other interesting examples that consist of models to be worn by the bridesmaids and not only.

The bride may be the most important person in the wedding day, but she certainly has to think with attention of the models of bridesmaids dresses for which she can apply for. These being said, let’s set our eyes on some of the most interesting Forever Yours bridal models – and when we say bridal models, we refer to the bridesmaids dresses!

So, what color seems more suitable for the bridesmaids to wear next to you in your wedding day? Well, we think that a really nice contrast created would definitely be that between your white bridal gown and their red gowns. In this case Forever Yours suggests a red strapless evening gown with sweetheart neckline and made with nice embroidery on one side, as well as natural looking ruffles on one side of this dress. In the same way can be created the dresses for the flower girls and we’re thinking of some with thin straps in order to seem more comfortable for the little ladies….
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You can also take into account a game of colors for the bridesmaids’ dresses! For instance, we’re speaking in this case of a tea length dress, realized in a strapless way and with sweetheart neckline. There’s also the well delimited waistline made in a complementary color with the dress’ color: the dress is made in pink pale and the waist is done in bonbon pink! The other side can be realized in a reverse manner: the color used for the waistline on the bridesmaid dress and the other on the belt around the waistline.

We’ve got here some other suggestions for Forever Yours bridal components. Like in this case, we’re speaking about a strapless dress that is done in A line and with sweetheart neckline, this one it’s done down to the ground and of a dark red fabric and shiny in the same time. Similar in model to this bridesmaid is another one made in a lighter tone; it’s a rather pink tone, but the same type of fabric!

The Forever Yours bridal line offers everything you need, starting from wedding dresses and continuing with the bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the dresses for the flower girls. Make sure that you make up your mind on one of these models and the decision is in unanimity! Also, the color is really important, the bridesmaids dress color is certainly important when it comes to coping with the other details and elements….