Be trendy in a vintage wedding dress

Nowadays it’s in trend to wear vintage wedding dresses and this is kind of a great thing don’t you think so? Such gowns in particular are so great looking, feminine and all the focus is on the preciosity of the fabric used, the details and the shapes and the lines. You’re going to see just how great these dresses are and you already may know that, but it’s not a problem! It’s time to discover great new models and to decide on one- your wedding dress.
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The first suggestion is rather a simple model and if you look at it, indeed we’re speaking of a simple dress. This vintage wedding dress is short, over the knees and it has slight sleeves.

vintage wedding dresses

The dress has a round neckline and ruffled details on the upper side of it. The skirt is composed of ruffles and in several layers of fabric. If you add a pair of simple sandals or high heels to this dress, then you’re going to look absolutely amazing and this is indeed a great thing, don’t you think so? All these elements and combined together create a nice visual effect….

Besides this short wedding dress, there are also some other models: long dresses with different details on them and all the things specific to that period. The next dress that we want to talk about is a great combination of an elegant blouse with buttons in the upper side and a ruffled skirt in the lower side with nice looking details.

The elegant blouse in the upper side of the dress takes the role of the corset. This blouse has medium sized sleeves, a V neckline with a highlighted collar and in the middle side there are some buttons used. Also this elegant blouse seems to be continued towards the lower side of the body and it covers the ruffles of the skirt. Another amazing looking model of dress and you’re going to be amazed from the first moment you place your eyes on it.

vintage wedding dresses2

There are also some other great looking models of vintage wedding dresses, which are characterized through the aspect of the embroidery placed on the entire dress or here and there. We suggest a sleeveless dress, really light on the body with a straight neckline. This dress has flower embroidery on the bodice towards the thighs area; it’s a long dress that has nice details on it.

We continue with another simple model of vintage wedding dress; this one has a V neckline and with nice details on the dress, with golden embroidery on- the accentuated area where the embroidery is placed is on the breasts and on the bodice.

Another interesting vintage wedding dress would be one with one sleeve. This dress has nice floral embroidery on the bodice and the skirt is composed of an interior side made of shiny fabric and on the superior side there’s a transparent layer with flower details.

vintage wedding dresses3