Claudine informal wedding dresses

Want to look informal, but in the same time really formal in your wedding day? Are you fed up with wedding dresses that have as details the classical ruffled skirts, or puffed how may want to name them and the corset, which is tight on the bodice and showing you an actual waistline that is kind of forced? Dear ladies, you should let all these bad thoughts behind and take into consideration some of these informal wedding dresses that we would like to share with you and in the same time maybe you’re going to apply for them in the future.

We were thinking to share with you some informal Claudine wedding dresses and they’re really elegant in the same time – don’t be afraid in what concerns this aspect!

Informal wedding dresses
Informal wedding dresses

The first wedding dress that we want you to take into account is the first one from the left side. It’s realized in a sleeveless manner and with a sweetheart neckline. You can observe fine embroidery on the surface of the neckline as well as on the waistline. Also, on the surface of this wedding dress you can observe a vague flower print, which we’re sure is going to create a really pleasant aspect!
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The next wedding dress that we want you to take into account is the second one from the left. We’re speaking about a wedding dress realized in a gorgeous way, it’s an informal wedding dress with straps that are placed on the shoulders and they’re going to emphasize the beauty of your breasts. Underneath the breasts you can observe the waistline, which is very well delimited through the glittery details. Also, you can observe the tiered details on the surface of the wedding dress, which continue down to the level of the hips.

There’s this other wedding dress that we want to suggest to you: it’s an informal wedding dress that has a straight neckline and natural tiers made of the fabric from which the wedding dress is made of. Around the waistline you can observe a “belt” realized from the same type of fabric and with embroidered details on the front side.

Such a wedding dress fits anyone and it offers the impression of thinness in the same time, just pay attention at the level of the arms, cover them with a cap or something similar.

Another informal wedding dress that we want to suggest to you consists of a strapless wedding dress with straight neckline and a gorgeous way in which it’s realized: it’s tight on the body down to the hips, the waistline is characterized through the embroidery used and also let’s add about the other details which can be encountered on the chest.