Wedding dresses

Seeing that you were so interested in some of the models that we’ve suggested to you we thought it would be a really interesting idea to continue with some other examples of wedding dresses in order that you make an idea and maybe like one of the models that we’ve shared with you here.

So, we’re going to start with a bridal gown that is made of satin in a classic style. This dress has an off-shoulder design, it’s made in A-line, it has floor-length hemline, it’s decorated with embroidered lace. You can easily wash this model and you won’t encounter any difficulties while you’re doing it.

wedding dresses

We definitely recommend this model of wedding dress for all brides; it’s done in such a manner that it advantages all types of body. We want to mention that on the breasts area you can encounter ruffled portions that are going to offer your breasts an interesting aspect, they’re going to look bigger. Also, we like pretty much the flower embroidery that can be observed on the bodice as well as on the entire surface of this dress. The straps look really nice as well and you can observe how they’re realized as well with nice embroidery on.

wedding dresses 2

If the color that you’ve observed in this dress doesn’t seem appropriate for your taste then you can definitely apply for some other tones and nuances and we’re certain that the size is adjustable as well, because that’s the way it is in all the wedding dresses.

The next wedding dress that we though it would be really nice to speak about is made of satin as well and it’s designed in a classic style. It’s strapless and made in A-line, it has floor-length hemline, decorations of lace with beaded details on. You can observe the slight embroidered details on the surface of the dress, on the skirt…. There’s also a flower detail in one side of the skirt and you can observe how the skirt in itself is made of multiple layers of fabric.

wedding dresses 3

Another thing that we need to mention relates to the superior side of the dress, which looks like a corset and it’s designed in such a manner. On the margins of this corset you can observe flower details that go really great in combination with the other details.

wedding dresses 4

The skirt ends in the back side with a long train and we’re certain that you consider all these detail to cope together really nicely and creating such a marvelous dress.
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Let’s also mention that in the back side, the corset has a lace close and this means that you can adjust this part accordingly to your body parts.