Your designer wedding dress must belong to Ellie Saab

We’ve mentioned some things about designer wedding dresses signed Ellie Saab in some of our previous articles and we’re sure that you made a general idea in what it concerns him. Its dresses are really fascinating and you might have placed your eyes on one of them, you can definitely find here some really interesting models….
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We would like to suggest some bridal dresses from this season’s collection and we’re sure that you’re going to feel enchanted to apply for one of these; it’s a real pity not to!

We start with a good looking bridal gown that will definitely take your breath away instantly. We’re speaking about a gown that has grey accents on it and it’s kind of shiny in the same time as well. This one has at the basis the princess wedding gowns for sure, as pattern. It’s made of embroidered fabric on the superior side, with ruffled details on the bodice and on the sleeves.

designer wedding dresses

Also, the skirt is made in a wide manner in A-style and from numerous layers of fabric, which are really shiny in the same time. in the back side of the dress there’s a long train and we’re sure that it completes totally the image of the princess. Let’s mention about another detail- the wedding veil, it’s long and made of transparent fabric that goes down in the back side. Well, you can be certain that all these details will blend together in a gorgeous manner and we’re sure that you’re going to look stunning in such a wedding dress and it isn’t any kind of wedding dress, it’s a designer wedding dress.

Here’s another interesting one that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much reading about and observing…. We’re speaking about a warm toned wedding gown which is designed in a very interesting manner. The superior side is made under the format of short sleeved shirt and the skirt is made of multiple layers of fabric. The shirt is made of layers and layers of ruffled fabric and the skirt is made in A-style and from multiple layers of tiered fabric. We’re sure that you’re going to find this model interesting and we think that it won’t be any problem concerning the color.

designer wedding dresses 2

The next suggestion that we have and the last up to this moment consists of a dress that can be used as evening gown as well…. this one is realized in a very gorgeous manner and in stunning details. You can observe the V neckline and how the chest is highlighted in a gorgeous manner.

designer wedding dresses 3

The skirt is wide and made in A-style. Also, let’s mention that it’s kind of glittery and that it’s made of tiered fabric. All these details go really nice together and we’re certain that you find it quite interesting.