Find out why are informal wedding dresses so popular

Informal wedding dresses seem to be more and more popular and we consider this a good thing because you’re going to be able to take into account several models that are really interesting in the same time, now that the designers seem to use their imagination more and we think that you can find lots of interesting examples as well as looking very different in your big day- in comparison with other ladies and women that tend to apply for the classical option for that look in which you can’t observe anything new.
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Here’s how we decided to share with you several models of informal wedding dresses, which we’re sure you’re going to love taking into account in the big day and you’re not going to regret applying for them.

So, we start with the first model of informal wedding dress that is signed Emilio Pucci and which we’re sure you’re going to love reading about pretty much and admire in the same time.

informal wedding dress

This one is designed with one shoulder neckline and it has only tiered and ruffled details on it. Also, there’s the long skirt that you can observe and that has a wide open element in the front side, which seems to uncover your leg. Also, we’re sure that the pockets seem a new thing to you when it comes to wedding dresses and the manner in which is conceived as well as the color are different from ordinary ones.

There’s another informal wedding dress that we thought it would be a really interesting idea to share with you and this one is signed Fendi. We’re speaking about a short model of wedding dress, which is designed in a simple, yet interesting manner…. This one has different cut details on its surface and you can observe semi transparent details on the surface of the dress. There are also the short sleeves that uncover your shoulders and lots of elements, which seem to make you look gorgeous in it. Here and there on the surface of this dress you can observe cut details that blend gorgeously with all these details we’ve been mentioning about.

informal wedding dress 2

A simple wedding dress can be considered informal due to its elements involved in it…. like the fact that its conceived in a short dress manner with no sleeves, a boat neckline, all kinds of threads and laces on the surface of the chest and let’s not forget about the applications as well.

informal wedding dress 3

There’s also the short skirt that we have to mention about and which is straight and gorgeous in the same time. This particular one is signed Gucci and it’s a pity if you don’t take it into account!

We’re sure that you enjoyed reading about these designer wedding dresses pretty much and that you feel tempted to apply for some of them in the future time.