Designer wedding dresses for summer 2

We continue our examples of designer wedding dresses, because we’ve got some fresh new stuff for you. Let’s also mention that all the models presented up to this moment are taken from this year’s creation and this is a great thing, because you have here only the newest stuff.

We start with a sleeveless wedding dress, which is fixed on the body up to the knees. This dress is long and it ends in the back side with a medium sized train.

designer wedding dresses for summer 2

The fabric from which it’s realized is a bit shiny and you can observe some slight shiny details on the breasts and on the bodice. The cleavage is designed a little bit in sweetheart neckline and you can observe some ruffled details on the bodice. Quite an interesting model of wedding dress, at least that’s how we see it from our perspective!
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Here’s an extravagant wedding dress that will definitely catch your attention from the first instant and let’s also mention that it’s a designer wedding dress fact that makes it extra interesting. This dress is long, and it has a mixed type cleavage: sweetheart with V-neckline. One sleeve is on the shoulder with some ribbon details on and another one stays on the hand. As for the bodice, it has oblique lines that create a really nice visual impression.

designer wedding dresses for summer 2 2

The skirt is composed of several layers of fabric, both ruffled and straight. The back side of the dress looks pretty interesting as well: it has a train that is made of semi transparent fabric with ruffled details on. We hope that you enjoyed this model as much as you did with the others.

We end with two amazing designer wedding dresses that are also designed in an interesting manner. We start with the one in the left. This one is designed mermaid style a little bit and it has a lot of details involved in it. It’s with one strap and with a straight cleavage.

designer wedding dresses for summer 2 3

The sleeve has rosette details on it and this idea can be encountered in the skirt, because it’s made of layers and layers of fabric which bring one with the idea of a rose. Let’s mention that the dress is tight on the body down to the area where the knees start and you can observe some nice looking areas with embroidery….

Our next suggestion is made of lace and it’s great looking as well and let’s not forget that it’s a designer wedding dress! It’s sleeveless and it has a sweetheart neckline. The model is straight and fixed on the body in a really pleasant manner. The thighs and body shapes are highlighted with the help of a silvery belt around the waist line.