Modeca wedding dresses

Modeca wedding dresses are indeed among the most interesting ones that we could observe up to this moment. We see these models as involving a minimalist style in them, but in the same time their simplicity is what makes them look this special and gorgeous looking, as well as the fact that here and there you can observe a modern element, or something that is totally different from minimalism.
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There’s this first model of Modeca wedding dress that we wanted to share with you and we’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress made in A line and of the finest fabric possible. This wedding dress has embroidered details on the surface of the bodice and in the front side you can also observe a bow detail, which is made in the same type of fabric as the rest of the wedding dress, the rest meaning the skirt – continued in the back side with a short train!

Strapless wedding dress

Here’s a gorgeous Modeca wedding dress that simply took our breath from the first instant! We’re speaking about a mermaid wedding dress that has one shoulder neckline that has ruffles applied on it and a waistline, consisting of a belt, which emphasizes the waistline. As for the skirt, it’s made in a tight manner down to the thighs and from this area on, it’s continued in a wide skirt. It’s indeed a gorgeous combination of details!

Mermaid wedding dress

This other Modeca wedding dress that we wanted to suggest to you consists of an A line wedding dress with halter neckline. You can observe the tiered details on the surface of the corset and on the thighs as well. The skirt is wide and it’s continued in the back side with a short train. All of these elements compose a gorgeous wedding dress, which is really simple in the same time and let’s also add that it’s definitely the one that makes the difference through the effect that it can have over a mignon woman’s body!

Modeca wedding dress

Want a wedding dress that is composed of two parts? We were thinking of a wedding dress that is made with a corset and with a wide skirt.

The corset is really tight on the bodice and with lines on that are going to offer the impression that your body is really thin and slim. The breasts are emphasized through a gorgeous looking cleavage and the halter straps.

Modeca wedding dress

As for the skirt, it’s wide, loosened and it has on one side a ruched detail, which seems to make this wedding dress even more interesting! How about that? Did you fall in love with any of these models? We sincerely think that you should have….