Nontraditional unique wedding dresses

Nontraditional unique wedding dresses…. If you haven’t seen any particular examples yet, then it means that you’re in the right spot. Again, we would like to share with you some gorgeous models of unique wedding dresses that are signed Elena della Rocca and they’re really exquisite in the same time.

So, we would like you to take in consideration this first example of designer wedding dress, which is realized in an interesting manner in the same time.

Nontraditional unique wedding dresses

This one we’re talking about is conceived in A-style and with flower embroidery almost on the entire surface. So, you can observe the flower embroidery on the skirt as well as on the bodice and on the cleavage as well. The neckline is made in V-style and you can observe thin straps as well…. all these elements indicate the fact that this is a gorgeous model that needs to be taken into account and you’re going to look gorgeous in it as well. Another thing that we have to add is the fact that it’s ideal to be worn by every body shapes and it doesn’t matter just how chubby your are.
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A similar model that can be placed in the category of nontraditional unique wedding dresses is this one that is made in A-style combined with mermaid style as well. So, there’s this dress made in white and with flower embroidery on, also you can observe the V-neckline and the spaghetti straps as well. on the entire surface of this dress you can observe flower embroidery and interesting details which seem to combine all these elements in a simple, yet exquisite manner.

Nontraditional unique wedding dresses 2

All of these make it look this interesting and you can be sure that you’re not going to regret applying for such a model. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is related to the short train with which this dress continues in the back side…. Indeed, interesting elements to be taken into account- details that compose this gorgeous model.

The other model that we thought it would be nice to take into account is this strapless wedding dress, which of course can be placed between the lists of nontraditional unique wedding dresses. So, we’re speaking about a long dress that is made of fine fabric that has flower embroidery on. In the front side you can observe a vague sweetheart neckline and there’s a bow detail that seems to make it look even more precious.

Nontraditional unique wedding dresses 3

On the surface of this model you can observe numerous details and embroidery which blend together in an interesting manner so that you end up with a model like this one. Fine embroidery, nice elements and details- all of these compose an interesting wedding dress that needs to be taken into account for sure.