Want something special? Have a Venus wedding dress

We promised not to end so quickly with the topic concerning the Venus wedding dresses and that’s why we continue with it, thinking that you’re really interested in knowing about some great looking models of bridal dresses.

The first Venus wedding dress that we want to mention about is made in the classical white tone and it looks interesting on the body: it is tight on the upper side of the body, down to the thighs. This dress has a deep cleavage and not such a loosened skirt.

venus wedding dresses 2

On the bodice you can observe tiered details and nice looking embroidery that go really great with the rest of the elements. Let’s not forget also that this dress has spaghetti straps and in the back side it has attached a long train. Quite an interesting model if we come to think of it!

Another interesting, yet humble model of wedding dress has to be this one: a white wedding dress, really tight on the upper side of the body, designed in A-line and with a nice looking skirt. The corset has nice looking embroidery down to the thighs and you can observe also the spaghetti straps and the loosened skirt in the lower side, continued with a train in the back side. It’s definitely a wedding dress that you have to consider wearing in your wedding day.

venus wedding dresses 2 2

Does your wedding take place in some months and you simply don’t know what to wear as a bridal dress? Well, we’ve got just the right answer for you: it’s a halter sleeved dress, short, informal and simple in the same time. This dress has a vague sweetheart neckline, a limit between the breasts and the skirt (that begins from the waist line), and later strips. It’s quite a simple model and this particular simplicity is what attracts us the most.

venus wedding dresses 2 3

Here you have another Venus wedding dress, which is informal. This dress is sleeveless and it is designed in A-line. You can observe its sweetheart neckline and the great looking skirt, which is attached to the rest of the dress. Let’s also mention that this is a simple wedding dress, with no special cuts or elements on it- the only thing that goes out of the ordinary is the floral embroidery on the margin of the sweetheart neckline!

venus wedding dresses 2 4

Our last Venus wedding dress model will definitely please you! We’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress with a straight neckline and designed in A-line.

venus wedding dresses 2 5

This dress is made entirely of fabric with embroidery on it; the train in the back side has also embroidery on. It’s quite a great looking model and we totally recommend it to be between one of your options.