Latest collection Vera Wang

Now that we’re in this cold season we thought it would be a really nice idea to continue with mentioning and presenting some Vera Wang wedding dresses that are taken directly from the latest collection signed under this great designer.

We definitely fell in love with all the models that were exposed in the collection and we believe that each model is unique due to the details that it has applied on it and the way in which the bride looks when it’s wearing it!

latest collection Vera Wang

So, you can definitely apply for a Vera Wang wedding dress that has only interesting details about it and you’re surely not going to be able to be associated with any other bride around.
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We were thinking to start with presenting you a sleeveless wedding dress that has only interesting details about it! This one has a warm caramel tone and only gorgeous applications on it. for instance, it’s made in a sleeveless manner with a straight neckline and all kinds of applications on the surface of the corset as well as the superior side of the skirt.

You can observe flower embroidery on the surface of the corset and on the skirt there are ruffles that are darker in tone as the rest of the skirt, which is made in semi transparent fabric with multiple layers.

There’s also a sleeveless wedding dress that we want to suggest to you, in fact the majority of the Vera Wang wedding dresses in this collection are sleeveless and with interesting details on them!

So, this other wedding dress has only gorgeous looking details on it; let’s also add that you’re going to love wearing it – it’s indeed designed with lots of modern elements on. You can observe ruffle details on the surface of the corset and on the bust line. Also, the skirt is made of multiple layers, which are wavy and look as if they compose a rose! How about that? Does it look interesting enough to you?

With such a wedding dress it’s impossible not to be noticed!

latest collection Vera Wang 2

There’s the last model that we wanted to suggest up to this moment. We’re speaking about a sleeveless Vera Wang wedding dress with sweetheart neckline and with a really gorgeous aspect.

So, we’re speaking about a sleeveless wedding dress with sweetheart neckline, which is made in A- style. On one side of the dress, exactly over the neckline there’s a ruffled detail and the skirt is made of multiple layers, multiple layers of semi transparent fabric and of course ending in a really gorgeous visual effect!

latest collection Vera Wang 3

How about that? You would sincerely love to wear such a wedding dress in the big day, wouldn’t you?