Angelic bride dresses

If you`re more into the angelic look and you feel like applying it in your wedding day, there`s no problem! We found solutions for all tastes and here you have some great dresses, inspired by the angelic theme…..


The first model is very tight on the body until the hips area, from the knees it gets larger and it`s style mermaid! All the tight part of the dress has nice crystal embroideries! The dress is made of only one piece, meaning not corsage and skirt, it can be with or without sleeves and it ends tight with a zipper or a lace! In the breast side, the dress has a pink margin which simply looks great with the entire ivory model! You can have a long veil for this dress, very fine and transparent in the same time! The dress is made of satin, chiffone, tulle or lace!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Another flowing dress is also made from one piece! It simply brings the idea of a Greek goddess! It is made of chiffon and veil; under the breasts it has a nice line of golden embroidery to highlight the beauty of the model! The trail is not so long, it`s acceptable, also the dress doesn`t have sleeves, it looks simply like a glove put on a hand! The basic nuances for this dress are white or ivory!


Also we recommend another angelic dress, with basic nuances of ivory and white, an entire piece, which ends in the back side with a lace, it is made of satin and it is recommended without sleeves, because it simply looks great! In the upper side, the dress has nice embroideries of crystals, which look shinier in coordination with the shiny material! It can have a long or medium trail!

Who says that white and blue don`t look angelic? You can have a nice wedding dress made of satin that has around the waist part a thread of blue and shiny fabric which ends in the front side with nice floral embroideries made of crystals or lace and these continue untill the breast part….these nice embroideries can continue also on the margins of the dress and in the back side where it is tied up with lace. Like the other model, this dress looks better without sleeves!

Orange and ivory look also angelic. You can have a similar model with the dress presented above! You can have a large ribbon tied around your waist and it may continue with a bow in the back side of the dress, make sure the embroideries applied on the dress are continued also on the ribbon! The basic material for this dress is satin and it can have some plisses here and there!


As you can see, there are always ideas for dresses and all the tastes are satisfied in the same time! You can have nice models and order them to fit you! You can adjust them here and there in order to highlight your beautiful sides of the body!