Sascha Novia wedding dresses

Not all the brides want to look outrageous in their wedding days or to get out of patterns so that’s why you have to know that there are simple collections and elegant in the same time, which glorify the essence of your own wedding.

Why don’t you spoil yourself with some classical wedding dresses that are made in different colors and with special combinations which can be encountered in the 2011 collection of Sascha Novia?

We start with a classical made wedding dress with simple details that is designed especially for those that want to maintain some patterns…. So, we’re speaking about a Sascha Novia wedding dress that is sleeveless and has a straight neckline.

Sascha Novia wedding dresses

This one is designed in A-style and it has some tiered details on the surface of the bodice. In one side of the dress you can observe a flower detail that is attached there as to beautify this beautiful piece. Indeed, some gorgeous elements which seem to blend together perfectly. Should we mention about the veil? This accessory is medium sized and it’s made of transparent fabric in a simple manner.
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The other model of wedding dress that we want to share with you consists of a sleeveless wedding dress that is designed in A-style and it’s all about fine details and really good looking in the same time. So, this one is sleeveless and it has tiered details on the bodice as well as on the breasts. Also, on the bodice you can observe embroidered elements that seem to be made of small pearls. The skirt is wide and made in A-style and seems to blend perfectly with all the other details.

Sascha Novia wedding dresses 2

Here’s another model that will seem different in comparison with the other elements and details. this one is conceived in two different tones, a strong one and a light one that blend perfectly together. There are the flower details that you can observe on one side of the corset and on the skirt you can see other flower elements that blend perfectly together. The skirt is made of this thin fabric that creates natural ruffles and we’re sure that they look interesting enough to you.

Sascha Novia wedding dresses 3

Similar to the model presented above is this other wedding dress that this time is made in white and pale orange tones. You can observe flower details on one side of the corset and on the skirt there’s another flower detail that needs to be mentioned about as well as the fact that the skirt is made of this fabric that permits it to be ruffled in a natural way.