Adorable designer wedding dresses that you will surely love

A wedding dress shouldn’t be only white, you can definitely apply for some other colors and tones for it and we’re sure that it’s going to end up looking fine on you and that you’re going to be a successful bride. Such models can be found really easily and sometimes not only the color makes a dress extravagant, but the details involved in it and all the details for which a certain designer applies for.
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In the lines to come we’re going to present you some “colored” designer wedding dresses that we’re sure you’re going to love from the first instance. These are really interesting, not through the color, but through the models and the details used on them. If you like one of these you can apply for custom made ones or if you browse on certain sites you can definitely stumble over some models similar to these.

We start with our first suggestion! It’s a designer wedding dress that is made of veil and it flows in a very pleasant manner on the body. This one is long and made in a grey tone with one shoulder neckline. You can observe how the neckline is straight and also you can see nice patterns on the breasts and a flower detail in one of the dress’ side.

designer wedding dresses

Around the waist line there’s a well delimited area created in ruffled fabric and you can be sure that this creates a nice visual impression. As for the skirt, it begins from the waist line and it starts from one corner of the body, exactly on the side with the neckline. The skirt is wavy and it creates a really nice visual effect, as if it flows on your body.

The next suggestion that we have for you is another designed wedding dress that is made in a dark beige tone. This one is strapless and it has a weird neckline, designed in an oblique manner. Let’s mention that the fabric from which it’s realized is chiffon and it can be observed how it creates nice plisses in the upper side of the skirt. Also, the dress is designed in A-line and the skirt is large. You can see some oblique lines and ruffles created on the waist line up the thighs. And these are really nice. The skirt looks pretty simple and it goes really nice with the ruffled details on the bodice and on the breasts.

We’re sure that you’re going to love both of our examples and we’re going to come with some other examples in the future period in order for you to create a main idea on what exactly you want to wear in your wedding day.