Sophisticated brides wear designer wedding dresses

We promised to get back with some other examples that concern designer wedding dresses and guess what, we’re back and we’re offering you some nice examples, really great looking in the same time. These definitely need to be taken into account and it would be a pity for you not to apply for them, the models are interesting and great looking and really trendy in the same time.
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We start with a sleeveless long wedding dress. This one has a collar detail as well as some ruffled details on the chest and on the breasts.

designer wedding dresses 2

Also, the skirt is really long and it’s wavy looking, designed in A-style. You can observe ruffled details on the margins of the skirt. Let’s also mention that the skirt is designed in multiple layers of fabric and that you can observe great looking details on the exterior surface. Let’s also mention that in the back side of this dress you can observe a train that begins exactly from the collar that we’ve mentioned about and it ends down on the floor. Neat details and really great looking in the same time!

Similar to the model presented previously is another designer wedding dress that is also sleeveless and it has a collar detail as well. You can observe a part underneath that is made of matte fabric and that has the shape of a bodice with sweetheart neckline. On the exterior side there’s a transparent layer of fabric with ruffled details on. Also, you can observe a bow detail on one shoulder of the skirt and let’s specify that there’s no waist line, there’s a well delimited area between the superior side of the body and the inferior one made of semi transparent layers of fabric.

designer wedding dresses 2 2

Another gorgeous looking wedding dress that we would like to mention about is definitely this one. This one is made totally of embroidery and you can observe a tall neckline, which is round and is somewhere at the basis of your neck. Also, there are short sleeves and you can observe how the hands are uncovered in a very peasant manner and the legs as well, there’s a big empty space in the front side of your body and your legs are uncovered in their entire splendor in an angular detail.

designer wedding dresses 2 3

Here’s another amazing model of wedding dress and it’s definitely a good variant to keep in mind.

designer wedding dresses 2 4

This one has a straight neckline and a semi transparent layer of fabric over the dress. Around the waist line there’s a belt that creates a really interesting visual effect together with the other elements. It’s a good looking dress, really simply and exquisite in the same time.