Unusual wedding dresses

There are so many ways in which you can look special in your wedding day and this can be done with the help of some accessories or even the wedding dress, why not? You’ve seen some interesting models of such dresses up to this moment and probably you’ve made a general idea regarding the type you would like to wear in your wedding dress.

unusual wedding dresses

We’re back with this theme, which is very vast and we offer you examples of unusual wedding dresses. Maybe you’ll make a general idea or even adopt one of these, who knows?

The first model of unusual wedding dress is this one: it’s made in A shape with long margins and slight ruffles; this dress has long sleeves and a round neckline; the dress covers the entire body and it has also ruffled shoulders.

The bride wears a tiara and a long veil that is made of fine straps of shiny, white material. The veil is very long and it covers a big surface. It is indeed a special type of dress and you have to have plenty of imagination in order to think of such a model.

This model is indeed unusual and it may be considered as the dream of every existing man, but we consider it too sexy for a bride that enters the church and stays in front of God! The dress is body type and it uncovers totally your legs. Let’s mention that in the front side there is a deep cleavage that uncovers your breasts almost totally: there is a halter straps neckline, these straps are made of ruffled material.

The veil is indeed very long and it will cover your legs, but not too much because it’s transparent. You have to have a perfect body in order to wear this unusual wedding dress and also a lot of courage. Sincerely we don’t recommend this model, but may be some of you that enjoy seeing it.

unusual wedding dresses2

Here’s another unusual wedding dress, that may be considered as outrageous and let’s admit that it is! The dress consists of a piece of fabric that covers only the front side and the back side of your body. The model wears a long pair of boots in a similar tone with the piece of fabric, also she wear a pair a long of gloves and a big hat on the head that has a piece of veil on it.

Indeed, this isn’t a recommended dress that can be worn in your wedding day, but it definitely can be seen as a piece of art, because the designer didn’t think even one minute that a normal human being could wear it.

unusual wedding dresses3

Another thing that needs to be mentioned concerning this piece of fabric named unusual wedding dress is the fact that underneath it the model wears a pair of bikinis with silvery details maybe in coordination with the rest of the dress.

One can observe definitely the model’s breasts and how are these covered slightly by the piece of material. All in all, these are unusual models and these exist and we thought that you may like to know of them.