Unusual wedding dress models

An unusual wedding dress is special due to the details involving it- the fabric used, the cuts, the color and the accessories attached to it. this is what we call unusual wedding dresses and they need to be taken into account, because there are more and more woman who want to look different in their wedding day and this is the way in which they do it- applying for such a dress and like in this case this one is also a designer wedding dress, it’s signed Elena della Rocca.

We start with the first model of wedding dress that we want to share with you and which is indeed an unusual wedding dress due to the elements involved in it. We’re speaking about an A-style piece that is made in gold tone and of a shiny fabric in the same time.

unusual wedding dress models

This dress has ruffled details on the front side and a very deep cleavage that will uncover your young chest. Let’s also add that such a dress won’t look that fine on a chubby woman, so if you’re thin and full of ideas feel free to apply for such a piece. Also, the back side of this dress is uncovered and you can observe how it’s tight with the help of these straps.
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We forgot to add that this dress is made with a long veil in the back side and that you’re going to look absolutely stunning with it on, in case you have the right body shapes and configuration.

The other dress that we want to mention about is also made in an interesting manner and it has a little bit of the mermaid wedding dresses. So, this model is tight on the body, highlighting your thighs in a gorgeous manner and it’s continued in the back side with the help of a long train made of simple fabric. There’s also the flower embroidered details that you can observe on the entire surface of this dress as well as on the chest. There’s also the boat neckline that we have to mention about and the fact that it’s a sleeveless model.

unusual wedding dress models 2

Another unusual wedding dress that we want to suggest to you is made in golden tone as well and you have to take it into consideration as well…. We’re speaking about an A-style dress combined with mermaid. This one has a V neckline, which is really deep and it’s going to uncover your breasts pretty much. another thing that we have to add is related to the embroidered details on the surface of the dress that are made of parallel lines and the halter straps need to mentioned as well. The dress is continued in the back side with a short train!