Know how to add a vintage look to your dress

If you want to have two wedding dresses it is not necessarily for you to actually buy two clothing items. You should simply embellish one of your glamorous and elegant dresses and in this way you will get to wear something really nice and beautiful. Today, we chose to teach you how to make a dress obtain a vintage look.
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First of all, you should look in your wardrobe and choose a light dress, made of cotton, with a bold pattern. Vintage wedding dresses usually have a medium neckline, short sleeves or straps and a knee length (or they could be slightly above your knees). If you don’t have something like that, you may buy such a gown, anyway it will be cheaper than purchasing a second wedding dress.

Vintage wedding dressesCredit
Vintage wedding dress

Then you should add a belt, either thick or thin, right on your waistline. Choose the colour of this bridal accessory, depending on the predominant color of your dress. You know that everything must match.

Apply a large flower, artificial, right where your cleavage ends or stick it to a bracelet. Use retro accessories, such as an elegant brooch. Made in the 40’s / 50’s, these jewels are usually made of gold, silver or false pearls. If you want something simpler, wear only a pearl necklace, true or false, depending on budget. Choose a small bridal purse, which may be made of metal.

In order to complete your vintage outfit, apply a chic and fancy hat on your head. This will give you a mysterious and gorgeous look. Your bridal hat should be tiny, it may have feathers or it may be accessorised with pearls. As for the colour, I believe you know that it shall match with your gorgeous dress or with the other accessories. So, be fashionable and vintage, in order to be admired by everybody.

Vintage wedding dressesCredit
Vintage wedding dresses

And finally, you should wear this DIY vintage dress at your wedding ceremony, because this is a more casual moment of your wedding, when it is highly recommended to go for something nice, comfy and cozy.

Put your imagination at work and make one of your dresses look vintage enough for your wedding ceremony.