Exotic wedding dresses

Your wedding dress can look pretty special if you know how to make it look in that way and give it a personal touch and this is how we thought of presenting you some great looking exotic wedding dresses- not necessarily to apply for one of these, but just to have a larger horizon and change your mind when it comes to the classical wedding dresses.

We start with a green wedding dress and when we say green think of grass- that fresh tone of green that will always look interesting and that will always catch your eye. This dress isn’t exotic due to the model, but it is considered in this way exactly because of the tone used.

exotic wedding dresses

The skirt is ruffled and it’s made of taffeta, but in that nice looking tone- and when we say ruffled, it’s really ruffled with multiple layers of fabric. The corset is made of shiny fabric and in a neutral color tone. The upper side has a sweetheart neckline and it’s sleeveless and it has also some ruffled areas in the front side. Indeed, a model that you have to take into consideration!
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Here’s another exotic wedding dress and this time it’s in this way because of the model and the color too. This dress is practically composed of a short blouse with short sleeves and a skirt that goes tight on the body. Let’s also mention that the blouse is really short and it’s somewhere over the waist line. The color is lighter than that used in the skirt and it has the same type of embroidery that can be found on the skirt. The skirt s long and it is fixed on the body- quite an interesting model, don’t you think so? Well, it isn’t to be worn in your wedding day, that’s true, but it is definitely worth seeing and admiring when it comes to foreign cultures.

exotic wedding dresses 2

This dress won’t look like a dress at all, but it definitely deserves to be placed between the exotic wedding dresses. The corset or bodice or whatever you may like to call it is under the format of a bra with numerous flower buds on it. Also, there’s no skirt, there are underpants adorned with rose buds and the most interesting thing about this piece of clothing is the fact that it ends in the back side with a good looking ruffled train.

exotic wedding dresses 3

There are some flower details used also on one of the hands, on one leg and also there’s a crown on the head too. These are some interesting elements and we’re sure that you’re looking amazed at this exotic wedding dress– surely you won’t wear something like this in your wedding day!