Bride’s dress special offer

Ladies and future brides we have a special offer! We have a great looking model of dress for you, which can be purchased directly from our site. In the lines to come you’ll find out about all the details regarding it and we attach some pictures too.

Bride's dress special offer

So here’s what you should know, some basics…. This dress is made entirely of polyester and it’s A shaped with a long trail in the back side. Underneath it has a tulle part that helps it to stay fit, in order to create that A format.
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Ok so we presented you previously some details concerning the material and shape. Next you need to know that this dress is made in France from Nana Couture fashion and it has an adjustable size.

Bride's dress special offer2

All the ladies around 40 sizes can fit in it perfectly. And speaking about sizes and things like that let’s mention some dimensions too: 1.28 m from bust to the tip of the feet (it’s suitable for a person that has a height around 1.60-1.65 m). As mentioned above, the trail is really long, it has 1.27 approximately….

This gown has also a veil, which is 1.20 long and its price goes together with that of the dress, meaning that it’s included in the dress’ price. The veil is transparent and you can put it on your back side or it can even cover your face if you like to.

Bride's dress special offer3

This model has an ivory tone and you can find some floral embroidery around the waistline starting from the back side of the dress and continuing up to the left side of the waist. These flowers are really nicely made, are tiny and confer a great looking aspect to the entire dress.

The dress is sleeveless, type corsage and skirt, but it’s made entirely not from different components. And speaking of corsages, the back side of this dress ends with a ribbon and not with a zipper or buttons. What’s great about the back side is that it can be adjusted accordingly to your weight and body parts.

Bride's dress special offer5

The corsage looks create and it will highlight the beautiful area of your chest you can be sure of that! If you like this model of dress, don’t hesitate to contact us. As you can observe it can fit any type of body and if a person who isn’t that tall it means that it will suit your perfectly.

Bride's dress special offer6

Also you need to know that you can get rid of the veil if you don’t like the idea of wearing such an accessory and you can leave your head with a nice coiffure or you can put a pretty looking flower on one side as presented in our previous articles.