Wedding dresses with straps

Now that we’ve discussed about wedding dresses with sleeves we think that it would be appropriate to talk about wedding dresses with straps and it’s definitely an interesting subject because we have some interesting examples that need to be taken into account.

So, we start with the first model that is good looking and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy reading about. This one is made of satin and you can observe the V neckline of it, also the straps are medium sized and around the waist line you can observe nice looking embroidered areas. The skirt is designed in A-line and it continues in the back side with a short train. It’s a simple model of wedding dress and you can be certain that you’re going to look pretty in it.

wedding dresses with straps

wedding dresses with straps 2

The other model that we want to mention about is similar to the first example of wedding dress with straps. The difference between the two consists in the details that you can find on their surface. So, there’s the V neckline that you need to know about, the embroidered details between the breasts and you can also observe on the skirt a flower embroidered detail that looks really gorgeous in combination with the other details.

wedding dresses with straps 3

Let’s also mention that in the back side, the A-line skirt continues with a short train and it definitely creates an interesting visual effect. The other thing that we need to mention about relates to the V shaped cleavage that can be observed in the back side as well and all the elements seem to cope together into realizing a gorgeous wedding gown with straps.

wedding dresses with straps 4

The other model that we thought it would really be interesting to mention about is definitely this one and we’re certain that you’re going to find it interesting as well. this one is conceived with straps that are not that thin, also you can observe on the bodice and on the straps as well some embroidered details which we’re sure are going to seem quite good looking to you.

wedding dresses with straps 5

Let’s also mention that the skirt is designed in ruffled details and that it’s continued in the back side with a short train. The other thing that we want to say related to the skirt is that it’s composed of two layers: the superior layer made of silver satin and with ruffled details and the inferior side made of embroidered fabric. Also, the skirt continues with the train which is made of satin as well.

wedding dresses with straps 6

We’re definitely sure that you’re going to be able to choose only the right models from here and that you’re going to apply for one of these in the future time!