Carmela Suttera wedding dresses

The Carmela Suttera wedding dresses caught our eyes instantly due to the way in which some of these models are realized and we’re certain that you’re going to find some of these pretty useful! In the following lines we decided to present some of these models in case you’re interesting of purchasing a designer wedding dress and you simply don’t know for what model to apply for or what name suits you the most.
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We start with this A line wedding dress that is made in a splendid way! This one has a V neckline and halter neckline. Let’s also add that you’re going to be able to observe embroidered areas on the surface of the neckline and underneath the breasts is this well delimited waistline as well, with the embroidered details….

Another thing that we want to relate to concerns the way in which this wedding dress is conceived: you can compare it with a baby doll dress…. In the upper side it’s kind of tight and the breasts are emphasized and in the lower side it’s made with a loosened skirt.

this A line wedding dress

There’s this other Carmela Suttera wedding dress that we need to mention about! It’s made with a V neckline and thin straps and it’s done with a wide skirt that has ruffled details here and there on the surface of the skirt. In the front side of the wedding dress you can observe a flower detail, which seems to blend perfectly with all the rest of the elements and details. The wedding dress is continued in the back side with a short train. It’s a real pity if you don’t take into account at least one of these models, because they seem indeed really interesting to us!

Carmela Suttera wedding dress

There’s this other Carmela Suttera wedding dress we want to mention about…. This one is realized in A line and it’s done in a very interesting way!

So, it has a V neckline and with embroidered details on the surface of the chest. The waistline is very well emphasized through the tight layer of fabric and with embroidery on.

As for the skirt, it’s made in A line and from loosened fabric, which is really comfortable in the same time and you’re not going to regret taking into account!

A line wedding dress

Here’s a really modern Carmela Suttera wedding dress which we hope you take into account and you fall in love with instantly – so we did!

Carmela Suttera wedding dress

So, there’s this sweetheart neckline wedding dress that is realized in a gorgeous way: with tiered details on the surface of the corset and the skirt, the skirt is realized in a wide manner and with interesting details on the surface of the skirt, details which uncover the legs….