truth or dare
photo credit: rocket ship via photopin cc

The Stag Party is a rocky terrain rife with terrifying pranks, juvenile tricks and erratic high jinks. Whenever I attend a hen party I thank my lucky stars that one of the group isn’t about to leap out of a hedge, tie up the hen and promptly secure her to a lamppost sans pants. That’s not to say hen parties are meant to be a boring onslaught of dull moments and forced conversation with half a group of strangers, but us girls just happen to plan our shenanigans in a more creative way…

Perfect to ease everyone into a night of mayhem, Hen Party games and quizzes are a great way to get groups of strangers bonding, whilst also focusing the attention on the bride-to-be.

Not all games have to rely on alcohol, and playing ‘I have never’ in front of your future mother-in-law probably only sounds like a good idea if you’re already 5 vodka cranberries into the night. With a bit of imagination you can include everyone in the tomfoolery, whilst still having a laugh.

A cheeky game that is a favourite during our Life Drawing classes is ‘Make a Man.’ Whilst a cheeky nude male model stands proud each person selects a body part to draw, the bride-to-be is definitely allowed to bagsy ‘the money shot’ before the group assemble their creations to resemble a Picasso-esque masterpiece.

If, however, you’re planning your big night out in a bar, you have the general public to rely on when it comes to unleashing a pack of Hen Party Dares. A Cocktail Making workshop is ideal to combine with a few risqué capers – add some well-proportioned Sex to that Beach by daring each other to ‘touch the bum of the best looking man in the room,’ ‘get the number of the geekiest lad at the bar and text him something wickedly inappropriate,’ or even ‘bamboozle the manliest guy in his pack to let you put lipstick on him.’