Cooking Classes for Hen Parties

Back in 2011 Lily Allen set the standards for hen parties when she had Gordon Ramsay teach her how to cook at Claridges. Now, we’re not all lucky enough to be spoilt by a world famous chef such as Ramsay, but since Lily Allen’s hen party there has been a rise in ladies wanting to brush up on their cookery skills prior to their big day.


Who wouldn’t want Gordon Ramsay to teach them how to be a cookery genius?

Across the country hundreds of restaurants have started to offer cookery classes which are all a fabulous way to kick of a hen party. Unfortunately Gordon Ramsay doesn’t offer his own cookery classes, but other celebrity chefs do have their own cookery skills where their head chefs can teach hungry hens how the skills they need to also be top chefs!

Jamie Oliver’s Recipease is one of the most notable culinary schools that offer master classes for hens. With locations in Brighton and London, hen parties are sure to be satisfied by these classes. There is a varied choice of cuisines to learn that are available to choose from, anything from Thai, Mexican and Japanese. Master classes in knife skills of various sorts are also on offer. Considering that the recipes and classes have been put together but a reputable celebrity chef the prices are very reasonable so should definitely be checked out!

For hens that are really looking for something exotic to learn on their hen night then they should try out a sushi making class where they will be taught all about the history of this Japanese delight before they get to make their own tasty treats. A trained sushi will do all the hard bits, which turns out to just be making the sushi rice. The chef then leaves everything to the party to try out, from rolling to cutting to tasting! This really is an ideal party for anybody who wants to try something new whilst picking up some interesting skills!


Sushi classes are incredibly popular amongst hens who want to try their hand at this exciting delicacy

For ladies who have more of a sweet tooth there are other fun things to try out. I have always thought it would be fun to have an ice cream tasting hen party because I would get to indulge in all of the icy goodness! Lots of ice cream parlours are keen for these sorts of parties to take place. If you are organising a summer party for your best friend maybe you could even look into hiring an ice cream van for them to try out all of the ice cream there is to offer. Personally, I would really enjoy something like this!

Seems that it is winter, ice cream may not be the best choice, however cupcake decorating could be a fantastic choice. Cupcake making has become extremely trendy in recent years, what with the rise of boutique cake shops such as Ms. Cupcakes and Choccywoccydoodah, so it make sense for these to be popular hen parties. Learning how to decorate cupcakes is an excellent skill to have, imagine how impressed all your friends and family will be when they see how amazing your icing skills are!

My favourite idea for a hen party cookery class is definitely a chocolate making class where you will get to learn how to taste and make chocolate. There is no woman alive who doesn’t love chocolate, making this the most ideal hen activity. Trained chocolatiers will teach you how to taste the difference in good and bad (if there is such a thing!) chocolate, whilst guiding you through the history of chocolate. You will then get to make your own chocolates and truffles that you can either prettily wrap up to take home or you can eat straight away!


Chocolate hen parties are so indulgent!

Cookery classes are fantastic choices for hen parties because not only will you get to learn lots of new and interesting skills but will also get to indulge in some of your favourite foods!

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