Bridal Shower Inspiration Worth Stealing


Whether you’re the bride to be, the bridesmaid or a congratulatory guests, bridal showers are one of the most girl-bonding events there are! Depending on your role in the proceedings, it may be up to you to plan and execute the perfect bridal shower for your loved one. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured our resources and put together 5 essential tips to planning the most fun, creative and memorable bridal shower ever!

1. Pamper yourselves

Every bride deserves to look radiant on her big day! Pamper yourself and your bridal shower guests with some treatments at a day spa. Aim for 3-4 treatments each, such as a manicure, pedicure and a facial. Or, if DIY is more your style, why don’t you step it up a notch by creating your own scrubs and masks, and having little jars of each as party favors for guests to take home with them.

2. Add glowing decor

A glowing bride deserves glowing decor! Brighten your home or venue of choice with an eclectic mix of bridal-themed decorations. If you’re going to be having a coloured theme, think about choosing decorations that will complement what everybody is wearing. If you want to truly illuminate your special day, why not spell out the theme of the day – LOVE – with light up novelty letters from Light Up Letter Co.

3. Throw a flower shower

If making wedding gowns out of toilet paper and bar hopping isn’t your bridal shower scene, why not opt for a more wholesome group activity instead? Organise a creative class that can get everyone involved, such as flower arranging. Gather your nearest and dearest and spend the day creating floral works of art. What’s more, your guests will be able to take their natural creations home with them after the party.

4. Choose a colour palette

From little black dresses to pastel hue to classic all white, there is a multitude of colour-coded themes you can choose for your bridal shower. If these don’t suit you, perhaps you could ask everyone to don shades of pink, or only bright colours or maybe a selection of neutral tones? Or, throw a mad hatter’s tea party, where everyone must wear a whimsical hat. Perhaps you want to throw a 70’s themed shower, where high waisted jeans, flares and crochet is in?

5. Fancy dress theme

If dressing up is more your style, why not turn your bridal shower into a mad hatter’s tea party, where everyone must wear a whimsical hat? Or perhaps you want to throw a 70’s themed shower, where high waisted jeans, flares and crochet is in? Another cute idea is to throw a 90s bridal shower. Bring out all your favourite music and clothes from yesteryear, and party like it’s 1999!

Whether you’re the lucky lady or you’re helping her out, don’t fall into the trap of throwing a so-so soiree for the beloved bride to be! There are plenty of options you can choose from to make your next bridal shower one to remember. Choose some fun, creative and relaxing activities, such as floral arrangements or a spa day. If a party is more your style, why not class things up by choosing an elegant colour palette that will look spectacular in photos? Whatever theme, style or type of bridal shower you choose – remember it’s your special day, so enjoy yourself!