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bachelorette themes

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Bachelorette parties are meant to be a last celebration as a single gal for a bride-to-be.  They often have racy themes and feature naughty gifts and a night out painting the town red.  There are lots of bachelorette party ideas like this, but a glamor bachelorette party is so much fun. Imagine taking the usual bachelorette party a step further by combining it with “glamour shots” photography.  A bachelorette glamour party – where not only the bachelorette, but all the girls can glam up and look naughty or nice!

bachelorette party themes

Source: photo credit: Jef Harris via photopin cc

If you haven’t heard of glamour parties before, or don’t know what to expect, it usually involves the following:

  • The party typically takes place at a professional photography studio.
  • Hors d’oeuvres and champagne may be available.
  • The bachelorette and her friends can have their makeup and hair done by professional stylists.
  • The bachelorette and friends choose lingerie or costumes to pose in, or bring their own.
  • They pose for pictures, both as a group and individually.
  • Prints are later available for purchase by any members of the party.


Bachelorette Pin-Up Party Photo

Bachelorette Glamour Party Photo

This is an example of the type of photo that can be taken at your party. Depending on the personality of the woman, and her man, the style of photo can be altered to show a little more skin, a little less skin, to be more playful, funky or even a little naughty using all sorts of clothing or costumes.

Remember that when you’re hosting a bachelorette party, all guests must be informed, in advance, of the costs involved since each guests will be paying for herself and will also be splitting the cost of the bride’s expenses for the evening. This is true for any bachelorette party, so do consider the expense and be sure to speak to every guests and get their agreement before booking any bachelorette events. This is an optional party and not the responsibility of any bridal party member.

If you think you might be interested in hosting a pinup party, here are some things to consider:

  • Will the photo studio staff be entirely female?  Will the studio be locked up to prevent stray passers-by from wandering in?  The comfort level of the bachelorette and her friends is very important.  You’ll need to talk to every member of the party who might be getting her picture taken, to make sure she’ll be comfortable getting pin-up glamour shots done.
  • What sort of lingerie or costumes are available?  Or do you need to bring your own?  You may want to visit the studio ahead of time, to see what sort of lingerie or costumes are available, and that private changing rooms are available.  Pin-up photos can range from peekaboo skin shots to vintage 50’s style swimsuit poses.  You may want to do some research on the Internet as well, to see what sort of pin-up shots have been done, so everybody can decide what they might like to do.
  • Will the studio provide hors d’oeuvres or champagne?  If not, will they allow you to bring food in?  Some studios are understandably reluctant to have food, alcohol, or tipsy party gals anywhere near their expensive equipment, so you’ll need to know ahead of time what they will provide, or what they will allow.
  • How much will the prints cost?  Who will pay for them?  High-quality prints are usually more expensive than most bachelorette party gifts, so if the bride’s  friends are treating her, (and, really, they should be) they’ll need to have a good idea ahead of time how much they will be paying.
ideas for bachelorette party

Source: photo credit: Denis Malka via photopin cc

A glamour party can be a fun and very memorable way to celebrate a bachelorette’s last few precious days as a singleton – and her upcoming new life as part of a married couple.  She can bond with her friends, let go a few of her inhibitions in front of the camera … and give her fiancé some gorgeous pictures of herself that will have him sprinting down the aisle come the wedding day!

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    Great advice! I think I’ll start giving this article to my clients who book boudoir events through us. Something else to ask the photographer is turn around time for the photos. Especially, if you’re doing a group party.

  2. bachelorette parties las vegas

    This seems like a cool idea, although it seems like you wouldn’t really be able to spend much quality time with your friends and the bride if everybody is so focused on making sure they have a good photograph from themselves, and I also feel like it takes a lot of attention off the bride. I think the idea of photos is great although, you guys should make sure once the photos are done you host a nice party for them to have fun with games and social ideas to get everyone comfortable and being able to spend time together, or making the photos group photos and what not.

  3. Capture POD Photobooth

    This is a fantastic idea that could work even better by renting a high-quality photobooth instead of booking studio time. The POD has a DSLR camera that will take the same quality pictures that your photographer would take, and not only would guests skip the awkwardness of posing for a photographer, they would also get their prints instantly (duplicate prints too so that the bride gets to keep a copy of all prints in her included scrapbook). To get guests even more excited, get competitive and have the bride choose the best glamour shot at the end of the party.

  4. Mercedes Denham

    Love the idea , I would have done this for my man. So many things to do for a bachelorette, a photo booth, naughty pics, or just hanging with your girls. great post

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