Woman holding Personalized Anniversary Coffee Gift in tin

10 Amazing 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

WOW! Ten years of marriage! Every year of marriage is a cause for celebration, but especially when you’ve been married for ten years. That’s an incredible milestone to achieve, especially in today’s modern times.

And since it is such a special time in your love story, no boring anniversary gift will do. It’s been a decade since your “I do’s”—why not honor the occasion with these thoughtful gifts for your spouse or a beloved couple?

Tin or aluminum is often used to honor the 10th wedding anniversary. They represent the longevity of your marriage because of their resistance to rust and resilience. But if you are thinking of gifting your significant other for your 10th anniversary, then you should also explore more modern ideas.

We have come up with a list of gift ideas you should try out today. Most of these gifts are gender-neutral and many of them also scream steel/tin/diamond-themed 10th wedding anniversary.

10 Year Gift #10: Uncommon Goods New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

With the first gift idea on the list, you can give your partner the luxury of memorializing the years you have shared. As the name connotes, this custom anniversary book is by the New York Times.

It’s a personalized gift that could be with your partner for a long time. On the front, it says “I do” to your most recent anniversary. It is made in Williston, Vermont.

With the anniversary book, you get to make memories with notes and records. It is personalized with your name or that of your recipient in elegant gold.

The New York Times Custom Anniversary Book is considered heirloom-quality and is a testament to lasting love. It’s a great gift idea to explore.

Uncommon Goods New York Times Custom Anniversary Book
Image Source: Uncommon Goods.

10 Year Gift #9: Michael Kors Darci Diamond Bracelet Watch

Here’s to elegance and to being classy. The two-colored timepiece is an ideal gift for a tin diamond anniversary.

The Micheal Kors Darci watch is made of stainless steel and gold-tone plate diamond. It comes with quartz movements, a mineral crystal face, and genuine diamond hour markers.

Also, it has an adjustable band with links that can be removed for a perfect fit. Indeed, your partner can make a statement with this one.

Michael Kors Darci Diamond Bracelet Watch
Image Source: Nordstrom

10 Year Gift #8: Zodiac Ring

Is your partner big on the zodiac and the constellation of the moon? Maybe you should consider this gift idea. This zodiac ring is a thoughtful and sentimental present.

Nothing is more personal than being in possession of a ring engraved with a unique element like a zodiac sign. It’s a perfect way of showing that you are not the kind to forget important dates.

Zodiac Ring 10 year anniversary gift idea
Image Source: Amazon

10 Year Gift #7: IK Style Unique Nut and Bolt in Love Couple Statue Figurine

Sometimes, you don’t need a  thousand words to be expressive about your love for your spouse. There are times when arts and graphical representation work like magic.

The nuts and bolts of any relationship need to be strong as steel. And with this unique 10 year anniversary gift your spouse is worth more than a 1000 words.

Add this unique figurine anywhere in your home as a little romantic decor and watch it quickly become a conversation piece.

IK Style Unique Nut and Bolt in Love Couple Statue Figurine
Image Source: Amazon

10 Year Gift #6: 10th Anniversary Gifts Tin Date Night Dice

With the tin date night dice, you and your partner get to decide on your next date in an interesting way. It enables you to do this by playing a fun little game.

Here, there are two dice that come with a total of 36 date ideas. Simply roll the dice and experience an unforgettable date night.

10th Anniversary Gifts Tin Date Night Dice
Image Source: Amazon

10 Year Gift #5: The Frame Carry-On Max: Aluminum Edition

For the travel junkies or couples that are always on the go, the Frame Carry-On Max suitcase is a great gift idea. This 10th-year gift idea comes with a hand-stitched leather handle. It has whisper-quiet wheels, an antimicrobial lining, and a removable power bank.

The frame carry-on max is great for travel. With the blazing-fast removable charger, you can charge your phone halfway in 30 minutes. It also comes with 2 TSA-approved clasp locks that are in place of the zipper.

The Frame Carry-On Max: Aluminum Edition
Image Source: Arlo Skye

10 Year Gift #4: YouNique Designs 10th Anniversary Coffee Mug

The anniversary idea is a perfect way to show appreciation to your wife for her love and dedication over the years.  Mugs are always memorable and thoughtful gifts and this one has a light-hearted funny saying that’s sure to get noticed at the office.

This hilarious coffee mug has an inscription that says “After 10 years you’re still the best wife—keep that shit up.”

The YouNique-manufactured coffee mug is of high quality. It is safe for dishwashers and microwaves. And it is a coffee mug that is durable and can stand the test of time just like your love story.

YouNique Designs 10th Anniversary Coffee Mug
Image Source: Amazon

10 Year Gift #3: Romantic Soundwave Art

It is great when you infuse your effort and commitment into getting your partner anniversary gifts. In a way, your choice of anniversary gifts is a way of telling how much they mean to you.

That being the case, gift ideas like cash and cliche gift cards should be avoided. Instead, romantic soundwave art can be one way to present your love in an uncommon but beautifully romantic way.

The handmade anniversary gift idea is of tin, metal, black ink, brushed aluminum, and aluminum. It is a perfect traditional tin gift for a 10th anniversary.

Soundwave art allows you to have a personalized message or your partner’s favorite song. We know you’ll agree that it’s a gift idea your spouse will cherish for years to come.

Romantic Soundwave Art
Image Source: ArtsyVoiceprint

10 Year Gift #2: Anniversary Sundial

Are you looking for a gift that combines simplicity, elegance, and durability for your 10 year wedding anniversary? Then you should consider the next anniversary gift idea.

The anniversary sundial is yet another unique anniversary idea, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The gift comes with a bracket that aids the sundial to stand on its own so it can serve various ornamental purposes.

If you are an advocate of going green, you will love this gift idea. It is reusable and is considered 99% recycled with no plastic.

Anniversary Sundial as 10 year anniversary gift idea
Image Source: The Metal Foundry

10 Year Gift #1: Three-row Micropave Diamond Wedding Band

The last 10th-anniversary gift is nothing short of amazing and one of the best top-notch ideas on our list. With a wedding band like this, you can upgrade your partner’s wedding ring with luxury and elegance.

This diamond wedding band is dazzling and can serve as a daily reminder of your shared love. In ancient times, The Egyptian pharaohs were the first to utilize rings to symbolize eternity. This is due to the fact that a circle has no beginning or end and reflects the shape of the sun and moon, which they worshiped. And today, it still symbolizes a love that has no end. A pretty incredible gift to give for a 10 year wedding anniversary.

Three-row Micropave Diamond Wedding Band
Image Source: WithClarity.com.

When it comes to 10th wedding anniversary gifts, there are lots of thoughtful and unique options to select from. We’ve done some of the legwork for you by compiling this list with a few unique ideas, which include classic tin and aluminum anniversary presents, modern alternatives, and some diamonds. Select a gift that is meaningful to your spouse so that it can be cherished forever.