A Few Useful Ideas For Wedding Vows

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments of a wedding and this implies that all the attention will be focused on you, the getting married couple, therefore you may need some ideas for wedding vows that have to be very expressive and clear.
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There are more than a couple of ways of choosing the wording when putting your wedding vow on the paper; some like to keep the love line, some want to add a splash of fun to it while some are more religious. Whichever the case, one could surely use some inspiration before starting to toss paper sheets into the bin. Let’s begin.

If you want to follow a simple yet romantic line you can never go wrong with the classical ‘I will always love and cherish you for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ and end with the dramatic ‘until the death do us part’. However it will be a lot nicer if you managed to come up with a few honest words of your own that express your exact feelings towards your spouse-to-be.

A Few Useful Ideas For Wedding VowsCredit
A Few Useful Ideas For Wedding Vows

A few words that would make a good wedding vow go like this ‘I promise to always show you my caring and my affection, to love you no matter what dangers we might come across in our path. I promise to always try to make you laugh and be there for you when you cry.

Make sure you rehearse the vow several times before the big day as the last thing you want to happen when all eyes will be on you is to stutter or forget your lines. Even though you will have to overcome a whole great deal of nervousness and emotions, and this is not an easy task, the outcome of it will be rewarding. It is quite likely that some of the most sensitive attendees will shed a tear or two, but this should not happen with you, too.

Another idea would be to use words similar to these: ‘I, Sarah, take you, Dan to be my husband and I declare my unconditional love to you in front of all our witnesses. I promise to be a good friend, as you always are to me, to respect you and appreciate you until the end of my days. Even though my deep feelings for you are hard to put in just a few words I hereby promise they will never change and you will always remain to true love’.