Ideas on how to write your ceremony wedding vows

Nowadays it is considered very modern and fashionable to have some original wedding vows. But if you are not a very inspired person and words do not come easy for you writing the vows yourself can be a real headache. Luckily, there is internet, and internet can only mean one thing: an inexhaustible source of inspiration ready to provide you the wedding vows ideas you are in need of.
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There are so many things a wedding vow could include but it is very important to have your words wisely chosen as to express all your love in only a couple of short sentences. However, before putting any words on paper you should decide (together with your spouse-to-be) upon the formality of your big event. If the wedding will be rather traditional, your vows should follow this line and likewise, if you plan a non conventional event, your vows ought to express that. In consequence, we have the following approaches.

The romantic approach

To have a romantic wedding vow you can consider your song, your first date or your first kiss. You could choose some representative verses of a song and enlarge upon them, make them a little more personal. Talking about the clumsiness and emotions of the first date might turn out to be easier, though.

Ideas on how to write your ceremony wedding vowsCredit
Ideas on how to write your ceremony wedding vows

Telling everyone about the butterflies in your stomach, the moment you felt he/she is the one or the day he/she made you most happy does not seem so difficult. However, avoid saying I love youtoo many times, and make your promises honest and warm.

The funny approach

This is probably the easiest way of writing your wedding vows. Think about the obsessive passions or hobbies that define your partner and make your wedding promises around them. Do not exploit the weaknesses, though and do not make the vow hilarious. It is okay to make everyone smile a little, but a vow should be a declaration of your love, so, do not forget to insert some heartily and sentimental words among the funny ones.

The free-writing approach

Just gather the multitude of thoughts and feelings that you get when you think of your loved one and simply put it all down. Declare your love in an honest and free manner, tell him/her everything about the way he/she makes you feel and all the things you are capable of doing out of love. Make sure your emotions did not affect order of your written ideas, take a deep breath and… get married.