5 Wedding Shower Etiquette Questions

Whether you’re hosting a wedding shower, attending a wedding shower, or the person the wedding shower happens around, it’s a good idea to keep a few etiquette tips in mind. Use the following as an etiquette guide to prevent mishaps and annoyed people.

Q: My Bridesmaids Are Hosting My Shower And Asked Me For A List Of Names. Does This Happen A Lot?

Essentially, yes. Feel free to go a step further and not only provide a list of guests, but a spreadsheet so your bridal party team can keep up with the responses.

Q: Should The Wedding Registry Be Included On The Invitation?

Add registry information to the shower invites–it is a gift event, after all! It is normal to put registry info on shower invitations, however it is considered tacky to include it on your wedding invites.

Q: Can Guests Be Invited To The Shower But Not The Wedding?

Yes, but it is in very poor taste. Your guests are bringing a gift, so it is rude to ask them to pay for a present but not attend your wedding. The only exception is a guest who cannot attend your wedding but still wants to come to the shower.

Q: Is Throwing A Shower For A Second Wedding Appropriate?

Keep a second wedding shower small, such as close friends and family only. You likely already have a toaster oven and plenty of other household items, so consider asking for donations to favorite charities or “experience” gifts such as theater and concert tickets.

Q: Can I Have More Than One Shower?

If it makes sense to do so, yes–just don’t invite the same people. Asking your guests to purchase two gifts for you is a lot! Schedule two showers if you are dealing with out-of-town guests and other people who can attend on specific dates only.

Hope these answers help!