polka dot theme wedding shower
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Polka Dot Bridal Shower Theme

polka dot bridal shower
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Are you planning a bridal shower, and don’t want it to be the usual ho-hum cake, games, and gifts thing?  There are a lot of great things you can do to add some unique style and fun to your party – especially if the bride is caught up in the “Polka Dot Craze” that is sweeping through the country! There’s just so many polka dotted gifts and stuff out there. The choices seem endless and this theme would be an easy one to follow since the items and products are so readily available. So, need a few shower ideas to spark your creativity? read on…

  • Favor boxes – gorgeous little pink and brown favor boxes decorated with bright pink polka dots add a splash of color and excitement to any bridal shower.  You can put a few chocolate truffles or other fancy candies in them and have them waiting for guests at the tables as they arrive.  You could also put a “You win!” note in one box (along with the candies!) and award a prize to whoever gets that box!
  • Personalized scratch-off gamescratch-off games for showers are so much fun – and these cards have polka dots!  You can personalize the text at the top of the card, and since you know which card is the winner, it’s up to you to decide if someone special wins, or if it will be a random shower guest.
  • Personalized cosmetic bag – a cute gift for the bride or for the attendants – a polka-dotted cosmetic bag, personalized with their initial!  Or you could order one of these without the initial and give them away as a bridal shower game  prize – a prize everyone will want to win!
  • Polka dot flip-flops – everybody loves flip-flops – and who wouldn’t want to wear these charming Havaianas flip flops with pink polka dots and a cherries charm on the right foot!  These would make a great bridal shower gift for a bride (or bridal attendant) who is jetting off to a tropical destination wedding, or a tropical honeymoon getaway.
  • Polka dot garter – the finishing touch to an exciting day – a polka dot wedding garter with some sass and style to show that the fun is just getting started at the reception!
bridal shower polka dot theme
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Bridal showers can be so much fun – and the one you are planning can be polka-dotted fresh, stylish, and personalized, too.  These ideas are just to get you started – the possibilities are endless!

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polka dot theme wedding shower
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