5 Destinations for Adventurous Hens

Fancy running wild on your hen party? Well, there’s no need to confine yourselves to a bar or nightclub. With a little imagination and a dash of adventure, there’s a world of exciting activities waiting for you.

If you think booking an adventurous hen party means you are all going to get soaked, knackered and generally bedraggled, think again. One of the take-off hen party activities is Zorbing. You get to chuck yourselves down a steep slope, without rolling through cowpats and mud, enclosed within a ‘Zorb’ which is a giant inflatable ball. Once you’re strapped in – sometimes in pairs – it’s time for the before photos, and then it’s over you go. Really popular for hen weekends in Brighton as you can easily go Zorbing on the Sussex Downs, as they are within 15 minutes of the seafront.

Tempted by the sea? Well, instead of just dipping your toes in, you can always take things a little further with a hen weekend in Newquay: it’s a prime spot for coasteering. This hybrid sport will see you suited and booted in wetsuits and lifejackets, and navigating your way around the coast to find rocks and cliff edges to jump off. Sound exciting? It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding group activities in the adventure sports world. And once you are done, there are always great beaches and bars in Newquay: let the storytelling begin!

As for planning an Edinburgh hen weekend, it would be all too easy to look only for town-based activities. Yet, by casting the net a little wider, you’ll quickly realise that Edinburgh is a great base for people who want to get in on excellent white water rafting opportunities.

Swollen rivers and narrow tributaries, it’s here you’ll find the white water; and here you’ll be hanging on and grabbing onto your boat for safety. Again it’s an ideal adventure for you all as it’s a group activity. Take a full change of clothes and a towel though, and expect a seat-of-your-pants ride.

Faster still are speedboats. Ultra-light and super-powerful, they are designed to skim across the surface of the water, converting power into speed and delivering thrill-a-minute experiences. There are not too many places you can get a ride in one, as well as get to enjoy amazing weather. Step in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava’s premiere beach destination, featuring seven kilometres of coast with no less than 5 beaches. With just room enough for a couple of people, speedboats deliver an exclusive ride – and the view back to Lloret de Mar is equally impressive.

Finally, for those on a London hen weekend then you don’t need to travel too far for an adventurous day out. With a day pass to Thorpe Park you’ll have some of the world’s most thrilling adventure rides to go on. It’s perfect for groups that don’t appreciate the countryside or throwing themselves of cliffs. New rides, such as SAW, will put you all through your paces and bring out the group’s truly courageous characters. And should it all get too much, there’s plenty of rest places – you can all take 5, get together and plan for the next ride – and the night of partying that’s set to follow!