Bachelorette Party Games

Clean & Fun Bachelorette Party Games

5 clean bachelorette party games

Is it time to start planning the bride’s big night out? Before she slips that ring on her finger, you’ll want to prep and prepare for a weekend of single lady fun! Bachelorette parties don’t have to be full of naughtiness and memories that make everyone blush with embarrassment.

Of course you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got some cocktails mixed and yummy snacks ready to be nibbled on. You’ll want an itinerary to peek at so the party doesn’t fall off its tracks. But most of all, you want the bride to have a great time and remember every moment.

So, if you’re looking for some fun that doesn’t include dirty jokes or phallic-shaped balloons, we’ve got you covered! Instead of strippers and uncomfortable moments, it’s okay to plan a party with the girls that involve a classic sleepover, chick flicks and games that everyone can enjoy and participate in. Maybe you want your mom to join in on the fun or even your mother-in-law-to-be; we’ve compiled a list of fun games and activities that won’t make anyone feel embarrassed or excluded. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Clean & Fun Game Ideas

Do you know your groom?

You can buy this quiz book at your local Barnes & Noble or make up your own for the bride to fill out! Have the groom give you the answers before the party starts and then make the bride fill out the little test during the party – make the questions fun and silly, so everyone can enjoy!

clean bachelorette games

What’s in the bag?

Grab a big tote and fill it with random objects. Then walk around the room and let each lady put her hand inside and guess what all the items are. Mix in everything from tennis balls to hairbrushes! This one is sure to get a few giggles.

Sweet & Spicy.

Create notecards for everyone to scribble a memory on about the bride and groom. They should be either “sweet” or “spicy” – and you can theme the entire celebration around this idea – from decor to snacks!

Mad “Groom” Libs.

Also known as “finish his sentences” – it’s like Mad Libs that everyone can play. Have the groom fill out sentences about the bride. Then have everyone guess what he “finished” out! This is another game that will cause lots of giggles and laughs, especially when everyone starts comparing their answers.

Guess the Wine.

For something a little “tastier,” have all the ladies bring a bottle of wine to the party – concealed in a paper bag. Everyone tastes each kind and votes on their favorite, guessing along the way what type, year and how much it costs.

Bachelorette Party Games

Other Activities To Try With The Gals

Scavenger Hunt.

Whether you’re visiting a new city for the weekend with the rest of the bridal party or you go downtown for the night, creating an interactive scavenger hunt could be a great way to make memories and setup perfect photo-ops! From hiding secret presents for the bride in “safe spots” to telling the “teams” to meet up at the late-night diner when everyone is finished, there are lots of ways to make this happen!

Signature Drink Mixology.

Have all the girls create a signature drink for the big day. The winner gets their unique recipe served up at the actual event and you’ll have a great story to tell when all of the guests ask where you got the cocktail idea from!

Add in the Lingerie Shower.

Even if you’re keeping things “clean” adding in a lingerie shower to the night’s festivities is a must! Everyone can bring a fun little number for the bride to slip into after the vows are exchanged. And you’ll have loads up fun watching the bride blush as she opens up every present.

Theme the Night.

From “Barbie’s Night Out” to “Everything Cheetah” prints, add a layer of extra fun by theming the festivities. Plan out the outfits and the decorations a bit easier as well as games, activities and more.