5 Bachelorette Party Ideas You’ll Love

Are you the one in charge of planning your best friend’s bachelorette party? This is a party that requires a lot of thought and planning to be successful. It is not something you can leave until the day prior to the event.

A bachelorette party is a send-off for your bride-to-be girlfriend. Because of this, you want to plan something that she will always remember. Do you go all in and wild like a weekend trip to Las Vegas? Or, do you plan for the most unique party that the bridal party will ever attend?

We came up with a list of five bachelorette party ideas that will make your party planning much easier. Once you have an idea as to what the bride wants, you can take one of these ideas to create the best bachelorette party anyone could ever want

Scavenger Hunt

Here is a unique bachelorette party idea that will be fun for everyone in attendance. A bachelorette scavenger hunt takes you and the rest of the group around town as you compete to reach the finish line first. With picture and video clues to guide you around the city, the group will enjoy the friendly competition while experiencing the area in a new way.

Weekend at a Cabin

There are many resorts and getaways that cater to groups like bachelorette parties. Spending a weekend away at a cabin is a more intimate style of party that allows everyone to connect even more. If the bride is looking for something more lowkey, this may be an excellent idea for her.

Have a Spa Day

Have a relaxing bachelorette party as you and the girls get pampered at a spa. There are two ways you can make this idea a reality. You can go to the local spa for the day and have someone do all the pampering for you. Or, if money is a concern, you can create the spa experience at home. Ask the bridal party to chip in for all the tools you will need to mimic a spa setting.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

If the bride-to-be is more of the adventurous type, then plan a bachelorette party that does just that. Take her and the group on an outdoor adventure. You can go zip lining, bungee jumping, or something else that will get your blood pumping. See what types of activities your girlfriend enjoys and find out if you can make those work for a party.

Take a Unique Class

There are many types of classes around that you didn’t even know existed. Not only that, many actually have bachelorette packages. Plan a party that goes to a class in which the group wouldn’t normally do. There’s pole dancing, unique cooking classes, cocktail creating, or even a fun exercise class.

Don’t let planning a bachelorette party get you stressed. It should be a fun time throughout the whole process. Enjoy researching unique ideas that will have the bride-to-be excited for her party.

Involve the wedding party when it comes to the costs and other ideas anyone else has. Having the help will ease the stress and make things a bit easier for you. Then, you can focus on creating an event the bride will love and enjoy a weekend with friends.