What to think about when choosing your bridesmaids

What To Think About When Choosing Your Bridesmaids

What to think about when choosing your bridesmaids

Have you yet to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids and stand beside you at the altar when you say, “I do?” Are you trying to figure out who you actually want walking down the aisle with you on your big day? There’s a lot to think about when choosing your bridesmaids. From who will step up and be reliable and helpful, to not ruffling any feathers or hurting the feelings of the women in your life, this can be a terribly stressful part of the wedding planning process. But before you start to worry and tense, here are some quick and easy pointers on what to think about and how to choose your bridesmaids.

What to think about when choosing your bridesmaids

1. First things first, who will be your maid of honor? 

Before choosing your line of women, think about who will be your main lady. Will it be your sister, your fiance’s sister, your best friend or even your cousin? It’s important you decide this big decision first before you pick the rest of the pack. And before you start asking, make sure you’re very sure because you can’t rescind the invitation.

2. Talk about the number.

Do you really want 12 ladies standing by you at the altar? Or is three enough? It’s really important that you decide how much is too much or how few isn’t enough to account for everyone you love. If you’re having a very small and intimate wedding you may not want an overreaching bridal party. So, before you start asking, make sure the number of your party makes sense.

3. How important are their responsibilities?

If you want your maids to help you with everything from dress shopping to putting together DIY place settings, then make sure you’re asking reliable ladies. And that doesn’t mean in the finance department. Just because you think one of your besties can’t afford a new gown, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask her to be a part of your big day. Instead, make sure she knows that she’s wanted and you can either help her out or make sure she knows that you understand if its not doable right now. What’s more important is that you choose ladies that will help you out in a pinch.

4. Think outside-the-box. 

Not all “bridesmaids” have to be women. You don’t have to ask the traditional women in the your life if they aren’t the ones closest to you. So, if you’d like you brother to stand by your side or your best friend is a man, then don’t be afraid to ask him to be there for you! No, they don’t need to wear a gown but they can definitely be right there supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life.

5. Be confident in your choices.

Like we said above, you cannot rescind your invitation so make sure when you ask someone to be your bridesmaid that you are 100% confident in that decision. You don’t need to ask someone just because they asked you. You don’t need to ask someone because your mother or mother-in-law to be expects or wants you to. This is your day and you need to be comfortable in every choice you make.


What to think about when choosing your bridesmaids



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