Bridesmaid Beauty Etiquette Questions (And Answers)

bridesmaid questions

Three Important Bridesmaid Etiquette Questions Answered

bridesmaid questions

Asking friends and family to be bridesmaids in your wedding is a big responsibility and comes with a laundry list of tasks, especially on the day of the wedding. And what is one of the main tasks on said wedding day? Hair and makeup! Check out the following wedding makeup etiquette questions and get the answers you need:

Can I Ask My Bridesmaids to Change Their Appearance?

When considering contenders for your bridal party, remember that you’re asking them to participate as they are. This means it’s totally not cool to request haircuts, dye jobs, etc. You know what else is not great? Asking bridesmaids to wait to alter their appearance till after your wedding day. So if you don’t want a bridesmaid featuring a half-sleeve tattoo, don’t ask her to be in your wedding!

Day-of hair and makeup should be decided beforehand. Even if you intend to pay for everyone to get their hair and makeup done, it isn’t awesome to force your bridesmaids to wear a look that makes them feel uncomfortable. And remember, your friends want to celebrate your special day with you, and of course want to look their best!

Should I Definitely Pay For Bridesmaids’ Hair and Makeup?

If you really want your bridesmaids to have professional hair and makeup, it’s always a nice gesture to pay for it. This doesn’t mean you have to, but since your bridal party is paying for their dresses as well as your bachelorette party and bridal shower, you may want to consider paying. However, if your budget just doesn’t allow it or you really don’t care about what your bridesmaids do regarding hair and makeup, it’s okay to have them primp on their own. Another idea? Giving a talented stylist friend a gift card for performing hair and makeup services.

What About Keeping Track of Everyone’s Appointments?

The responsibility of keeping track of appointments goes, it usually falls on the Maid of Honor. Give her a copy of the wedding timeline so she’s up-to-date on morning protocol. That way she can easily ensure everyone gets what they need done on time!