Nail models and manicure

As mentioned several times before nails are very important and you should take really good care of them. If you want to apply to false nails, good for you, it means you`re a courageous person and you can manage with long nails, but you can have a more natural size for your nails and also apply for a model or another! Here are some examples of nails often seen at women and maybe some new ones you may want to apply for!

The French manicure has always been a variant for women that wanted to maintain a classy aspect, natural and elegant in the same time! It`s a good variant and it makes your nails to look fine and shiny! If you`re fed up with this type of model you can apply on the nail of the finger with the ring a fine flower, also in a white nuance or maybe an ivory color!

If you want to combine both models and the French manicure, it`s ok because you can resort to flowers made out of plastic compounds or even hearts or different shapes made out of nail polish! Your nails will certainly look great if you apply such a model! It won`t look kitsch and your fingers will look long and thin!

If you`re an extravagant person that wants to maintain both the transparent nail polish and the white one, you can apply a model with white polish on the transparent nail and certainly get the same effect of the French manicure!

You may want also to apply for only one color on the already long nail! It`s not a bad thing at all, you can apply for vivid colors, like pink, or red, or for your favorite nail polish color! It`s good that you know that applying red or pink on the entire are of the nails is still in trend, so go for it tranquilly!

Black has also been associated to the rockers, but you can apply for an entire nail with black polish and after, a star or a flower made out of matte white or ivory nail polish! The effect is going to be wonderful clearly! Dots are also great to be made on nails, you can reverse the two colors, instead of applying white nail polish on the black one, and you can apply black dots on the already done white nails!

Using a transparent nail polish and after different models can be really great! You can use a big range of models in this case: you can apply for stars, flames, dots, flowers, butterflies, hearts, different circular shapes and lines, straight lines, glitter and the examples can go on and on!

You can have some lively colored nails, such as green, orange, yellow, blue and you can leave them just the way they are or you can apply some lines in a color that really suits the color of nail polish already applied on your nails! As you can see there are numerous models to apply for! It depends on your tastes and what do you want to express with the help of your manicure!