This year has seen a phenomenal rise in erotic fiction amongst female readers. It has always been their but we have all been too shy to pick it up; that is until E. L. James came along with her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which has left women wanting more of this erotic fantasy!

The hen party industry is one of many that have seen the effects of James’ novels work positively for their business. Women are viewing themselves as more sexually free and are open to explicit content more so than ever before, and they want to flaunt this on a girl’s night out such as on a hen party. There are many activities on offer at the moment that are there to aid women in their new found sexual freedom.

Rumour has it that next year actual bondage themed parties are going to be a big hit. These parties are best suited to ladies who like to think themselves a bit of a dominatrix. Of course, this activity comes well equipped with a trained madam to teach you the ropes and a gorgeous man for you to use the ropes on! These are an excellent idea for ladies who want to extend their new dominatrix skills into the bedroom of their new marriage. They are also proof that hen parties do not have to be so typical. 

Old favourites such as burlesque and pole dancing are continuing to be popular in light of the Fifty Shades of Grey sensation. Ladies are more confident to learn how to pole dance amongst their friends and to learn some sexy new skills. Pole dancing parties are fantastic a hen activities as they give women confidence in themselves to be more sexy. Burlesque parties on the other hand actually turn ladies into real life vintage sex kittens! Again these are excellent parties for brides-to-be who want to take some new tricks into their marriage and are fantastic for guests who also want to learn the importance of being sexy!

A new activity that combines elements of the sexiness of the dance classes with something a little less risqué than bondage lessons is a seduction class. Like in bondage classes you are taught by trained ‘sexpert’ female instructors. However the focus is not just on dominatrix, rather ladies learn about all different types of fantasies and get to explore their own sexuality in friendly environment. Elements of burlesque and lap dance are taught as part of the art seduction, which combines well with learning about the male anatomy.

Yet some of these hen parties, despite tickling your fancy, may not be suitable for all of your guests. I wouldn’t suggest taking your Nan to a bondage class even if she does love Fifty Shades of Grey! Instead, why not try splitting your hen party between friends and family? Cupcake decorating hen parties are a really fun way to spend some quality time with the ladies you love the most whilst keeping it clean! Plus, especially if you have a fiancé like mine, your man may enjoy the new skills you learn at a cupcake class just as much as those you learn at a seduction party!