4 Weekend Bachelorette Getaways in Alberta

If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind with good friends and enjoy your time before the big day, here are some ideas that you can choose from in Alberta.  Alberta, Canada can be a daunting province to plan for, only because there are so many places to see and visit. With this list, though, you will be able to pick and choose destinations that are perfect for you and your family to enjoy, never having to repeat a weekend trip for years to come.

Amusement and Theme Parks








With thousands of kilometers of space, it’s no wonder that Alberta boasts of so many theme and amusement parks across its spacious land. Some of the most exciting and daredevil adventures can be found in Calaway Park in Calgary, a giant amusement park with twisting roller coasters and rides that can be enjoyed at any age, with the option of parking an RV or camper under the stars in the summer nights. If you’re looking for something aquatic, visit Galaxyland and World Water Park in Edmonton, the world’s largest indoor park that provides rides on and off tidal waves. If you’re in the mood for something a little more low key and/or historical, visit Fort Edmonton Park, a historical theme park that takes you back to the early 19th century, where you can get an inside perspective on the pioneers as they settled the western lands.


One of the most famous features of Alberta are the Canadian Rockies, a mountain range that offers everything you could ever ask for in an outdoor adventure. Banff National Park provides an excellent access point to start your vacation and to witness the wonders of nature. Whether it’s gliding across glistening glaciers, hiking up through hidden trails, or kayaking on the rivers that run through the lower valleys, Banff has something fun to do for everyone, and it is only a few hours away with a rental car or plane.


Most of Canada offers lush, green forests and mountains, with clear glassy lakes and crisp powdered snow. But in the northeastern section of Alberta, the Badlands impose a stark contrast. Infamous for its dry desert wastelands and megalithic rock structures, the Badlands are one of the biggest hotbed resources for dinosaur fossil activity. One of the easiest ways to explore this region is to take a tour through Drumheller Valley, which provides incredible vistas and adventures.

Dinosaur Lands









The Badlands of Alberta is known for its previous residents. Hundreds of dinosaur bones and fossils have been discovered in archeological digs around the area, and as a tribute to those discoveries, the Dinosaur Provincial Park was created. The park allows visitors the rare opportunity to travel through the mostly restricted park in chaperoned programs so that you can witness the boundless treasures embedded in rock and sand. Take a tour of some of the dig sites, meander through the park’s exhibits and museums, and even take a safari through fossil sites.