Create a box of goodies, and when your girlfriend opens it up, she'll find one of the most important question you'll ever ask her!

10 Unique & Charming Ways to Ask Your Gals To Be Your Bridesmaids!

Are you newly engaged and still trying to get used to that bit of bling on your finger? Before you dive into planning, you’ll want to know who your right-hand ladies are going to be. They’re the ones that will be there for all the woes, to help reduce and defuse your stress and, of course, be there for all of the fun too!

It’s time to start narrowing down your list of gal pals that you’ll need and want throughout this entire process. But instead of texting or calling, make the moment special when you ask your special ladies to be your bridesmaids! You can use your DIY wedding skills in the process or you can hunt around for the most perfect way to do the asking.

Your husband-to-be already popped the most important question and got the ball rolling on the celebration. But now it’s your turn to make your sister, best friends, cousins, teammates and more feel extra-loved and a part of your very own bridal party. Check out these ten unique ways to do it, with all the charm in the world!

10 unique ways to ask your gals to be your bridesmaids


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