Essential Information For Planning All-Action Hen Weekends

We’ve all sat through our fair share of hen weekend activities where we’ve been plucked, preened and pedicured to death, sat in a steam room, gently cooking waiting for the inevitable 4 bottles of wine in the evening. Great though those hen weekends are, girls are increasingly looking for something a little less sedate, something that gets the adrenalin pumping and really gives the girls something to talk about in the club later on.

We ask the very pertinent question, why let the men have all the fun on their stag weekends, why not decide on something a little more active, like some of these all-action hen weekend activities?


An incredibly popular alternative to the spa hen weekend is quad-biking where groups of girls are operating these 4-wheeled monsters over muddy brooks, around hairpin turns and chicanes. This is  a great option if you and your friends want to add a competitive element to the weekend’s festivities.


This is a relatively new activity that UK hen weekends are taking advantage, but it’s definitely not one for the faint of heart. Incorporating elements of rock climbing, sea-swimming and cove diving, coasteering sees one donning a rather fetching skin-tight wet suit and taking to the seas. The combination of swimming, climbing and the sea air certainly makes that first glass of wine in the evening well-earned.



Yet another new activity women are taking up is zorbing, which is described as a cross between being in a washing machine and a hamster ball, taking you rolling down a hill for a stomach-churning assault course. Definitely one to add a layer of the unique and the novel to your hen weekend fun.



If it’s good enough for Prince William… don’t let royalty have all of the fun, head for the coast and try waterskiing, wakeboarding or jet-skiing for a shot of aquatic watersport action. After some expert tuition, you’ll be ready, willing and able to take on the high-seas.

So there you have it, some unique hen weekend ideas that take you out of the spa and into the wild.


Have your own hen weekend ideas? Tell me about them!