Organising the Perfect Hen Party: Can It Be Done?

Is it possible to plan the perfect hen party? I think so! But there are a few things you need to take care of first. And, to help you, here’s my guide to organising the perfect hen party.

Nominate an organiser

Not as easy as it might sound. There’s a very good chance you’ll have a couple of candidates for the post – and you might be one of them. Even so, take care not to jump in too soon; where would all the fun be without the gossip and all those coffee shop meetings?

Get organised

So, what if it’s down to you to get the girls in order? Well, it’s time to get organised. Use a spreadsheet, use a little black book; whichever it is, just get organised!

[youtube OrelcoJyaKM Organising The Perfect Hen Party]

Set your limits

Just because you fancy a hen night in Las Vegas doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone. Look at budgets, destinations, and early on in the process let the group know that somewhere along the line people will have to compromise – if they are happy for you to do the work, they have to let you make the decisions.

Pick a date – and stick to it

Once the date is set, there is no going back! Everyone is busy and they all need as much notice as possible. So, suggest a few days, give the girls the chance to think about it – maybe set a date for them to have decided by – then be bold: pick a date and stick to it.

Get researching

Check out sites that offer hen night weekends in Europe as well as in the UK, and always, always look for companies that have a long track record. And if you are going to jet off to another country, the easiest firms to work with are those that can sell the flights as well as the hen party package: bookmark them, get quotes and share the ideas with your friends.

Make a decision, now!

Now the hard bit: making the decision. You’ve established your limits, set your date, and done your research. So, cut it down to two or three choices, and for one final time send an email to everyone telling them they have to pick a favourite – not asking them this time – telling them. Now all you’ve left to do is pick a winner.

Congratulations, you’ve organised a hen party!

Have your own  ideas for organising the perfect hen party? Let the world know!