5 Fun & Unique Bridal Shower Themes

fun tv show themed bridal shower idea
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When it’s time to choose a bridal shower theme, think about the things that are meaningful. Everybody takes the same road and we know that everybody is different so why stick to the usual bridal party themes. Explore interests, passions and overall see if you can get creative. Focus on the fun side of bridal showers and creating an amazing, memorable experience for the bride. Here, 5 ideas for spectacular bridal showers that are fun and truly unique.

Lingerie Themed Bridal Shower

lingerie themed bridal shower
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Ok, maybe this one isn’t that unique, but we all know that most brides are nice, but also harbor a naughty side, so why not have a fun lingerie themed bridal shower. Lots of lace, lots of lingerie and lots of giggles, sure to keep friends of the brides entertained for house.

Poolside Themed Bridal Shower

poolside bridal shower ideas
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Most bridal showers are like any other party, where is safer to do something inside, maybe a restaurant or somebody’s home. Get outside and enjoy the sun, the cool breeze, some fun drinks. You have the making of an amazing poolside theme bridal shower. Perfect for the summer, a poolside themed bridal shower can really help guests and bride get outside and have some fun.

Her Favorite TV Show Bridal Shower Theme

fun tv show themed bridal shower idea
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Yep, that’s right, why not have a Beverly Hills 90210 bridal shower. Not your speed, maybe a Pretty Woman or Saved By The Bell is more the bride’s style. Have some fun with one of the bride’s obsessions. It is worth it just to get dressed up in those hideous 80s and early 90s outfits alone.

Glitter & Glam Bridal Shower Theme

glitter and glam bridal shower
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This seems like an obvious choice at first, but what we’re suggesting is real glitter, everywhere. Glittery outfits, glitter on tables and in the flower arrangements. Dresses should be glittery and glam too.

Camping Adventure

camping bridal shower girl fun
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No, we haven’t been drinking today, this idea is serious. If you want to have a unique, intimate and fun bridal shower with a few of your closest friends, then skip the formal stuff and get outdoorsy with your own camping bridal shower. Take a few girls, a few drinks and a sense of adventure. We guarantee it will be the funnest bridal shower ever.

Did we miss any unique ideas for bridal showers? Comment below and let us know your ideas.

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