Flocking to Brighton: What makes it Number 1 for Hen Nights?

Walk along any of the main streets of Brighton on any night of the week and I’ll give you £1million if you don’t bump in to at least one flashing L-plate, fairy winged group of women out on a hen night (don’t ask me for that million if you do, though). It’s part of the culture in this bustling seaside city but why – what are the ingredients of Brighton that sees the hens flocking in and coming back for more over most other cities in the UK?

Well if you’re toying with the idea of a Brighton hen party, let’s take a look at what this place can offer you and best friends on one of the biggest nights of your life.

It’s by the Sea… Duh!

Okay well first off, this is the most obvious selling point for Brighton – it’s beside the seaside, boasts a beach (even if it is a pebble one) and those breath-taking views over the horizon. Of course this makes Brighton a major destination in the summer, however if the weather holds up and the rain stays sealed away inside the clouds, you can enjoy the coast all year round.

But why you now ask ‘aren’t all the other coastal towns and cities so popular’? Well let me answer that for you…

It’s the Home of the ‘Dirty Weekend’

First reason for this is because Brighton is the ultimate place to stage a dirty weekend and that is what many hen parties are searching for isn’t it? A whole lot of female fun packed into a short amount of time before one of you ties the knot and sets about married life. Take a night out in Brighton and you’ll see that its where ‘fun’ was created, packing in everything a hen would be looking for on their big send off. Like…

Shops, Shops and more Shops

What do you do after the big night when you all feel like you need a bit of a pick me up? Yep, go shopping! You’ll be happy to know that Brighton plays host to some of the best shops any city has to offer – and I’m not just talking about the big high street names (even though you will find them all here), but head down to The Lanes and you’ll find arguably the largest abundance of little independent shops anywhere in the UK. Winding street after weaving side-road is lined with everything from little boutiques (where you might even find the finishing touches to your wedding dress) to shops to buy furniture, vintage clothing, music and anything else you can think of… oh and of course many places to fill up on food for good measure.

There’s something for everyone

Finally, if you’re reading this a little unconvinced by Brighton so far, you might be happy to know that the city isn’t all feather boas and flashing L-plates, but is so diverse it can accommodate all tastes to make for a city full of happy hens. If you are searching for hen party weekends that everyone pictures when they hear the word, West Street and the main centre will be your stomping ground, but if you would prefer your time to be a bit different, Brighton’s more alternative and bohemian side is booming, with troves of hidden away pubs, bars and regular music events – you could even schedule your hen weekend to coincide with next year’s Fringe Festival.

Convinced? Good, because you won’t so much be following the flock to Brighton, but just going with what works best!