Top 3 themes for a joint “sten do”/“hag do”

We’ve talked about “sten doshen party ideas before (they are also known as a “hag do”) and how they’re gaining in popularity. At the time, many of you stated that you preferred to have separate parties (it is traditional after all!) However we’ve been receiving some requests for sten do ideas recently. Particularly, what themes could you have for a sten do?  Turns out joint parties are more popular than we thought! So because we never like to leave desperate hen requests unanswered here’s our list of top 3 sten do themes (as tried and tested by ourselves and our customers!)

Cops and Robbers

Very gender neutral and not too expensive to do, this is a great group theme as a mix of both cops and robbers looks very eye catching on a night out! You can split up the two themes if you want and have the girls dress up as cops whilst the lads could dress up as the robbers.  Obviously you don’t have to, besides it might be fun to see what everybody chooses for themselves!


Power suits, big phones and even bigger hair! This is a great hen party theme  as well as a sten do theme that everybody loves because it’s relatively easy to prepare/shop for.  Plus there’s so much variety and choice, you’ll be hard missed not to find something! You could don a suit and go as a cosmopolitan “yuppie” or the men could à la MC Hammer style and the girls could bring out their inner “material girls” by digging out the old lace fingerless gloves and crucifix earring (yes singular “earring”. Remember, she only wore one. One massive one.) Failing that, you could all just go in gaudy aerobics gear. Nothing is more 80’s (except maybe the hammer pants…)

Cowboys and Red Indians

A check shirt and some jeans, all you need to do is buy a hat. Honestly, this is a great theme if you didn’t want to spend too much money as most of the accessories can be bought cheaply at any fancy dress shop or on the internet. The Indians are a little more elaborate but still relatively easy, plus this theme is pretty gender neutral as both the stags and hens can dress up as one or the other without a problem.