bachelor weekend summer

Summer Bachelor Party Weekend Ideas

bachelor weekend summer

Summer has finally graced us with its presence and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some bachelor party ideas which can be enjoyed during the warm summer months.

Although the temptation to find a beer garden and get cracking on the drinks may be undeniably strong during the warm weather, it is worth saving yourself for the evening, thereby avoiding burning out too early and missing out on the evening’s antics.

Instead you should explore the wealth of opportunities at hand which mean you can instead make the most of the weather, many of which mean you’ll be getting wet – but at least it will help you and the guys stay cool! Below we take a look at a few of our bachelor party weekend ideas.


Navigating rocky coastline, climbing steep rock faces and jumping into deep water pools, coasteering has it all and will have you scrambling all over the UK’s magnificent coastline. Not only is it great fun to do, it’s also likely to be an activity which very few people in the group have tried before, and is guaranteed to go down well with those who have an adventurous side.

Coasteering can still be enjoyed during the early winter months, but the fact that it can be called off due to unpredictable weather combined with freezing cold seas means you’re best giving this one a go during the summer!


If throwing yourself of a cliff doesn’t appeal then why not give kayaking a try? Best enjoyed when it’s warm and dry, it’s far more suitable for bachelor  groups with older members.

Although you’ll feel like less of a stunt man whilst kayaking, it doesn’t require constant moving so you have time to get out onto the lakes and rivers to enjoy the scenery. It’s an ideal bachelor  activity if you still want to stay active but do so at your own pace and chill out for the afternoon.


Although the surf can be better in the winter months due to the waves, this is best left for the professionals. Instead, for a beginner try between March and May since these are the prime months for getting to grips with your board when the surf isn’t too strong.

If you’d like to give this a try then why not head to Bournemouth? With seven miles of white sandy beach to play with, surfing can be perfectly incorporated into a weekend away in Bournemouth with the lads, plus your actions are bound to turn heads one way or another.


An emerging popular activity for a bachelor  is wakeboarding which offers a thrilling experience and is the perfect summer sport! Combining waterskiing with boarding, this hugely cool activity involves being attached to a wakeboard and being pulled along by a speed boat to create waves which tricks and moves can then be performed off.

Rage Buggies

A cross between a go kart and a quad bike, rage buggies are brilliant come rain or shine. However, the dry weather results in a hard and sturdy surface which allows the buggy to gain some good speed making it all the more exhilarating on a summer’s day.

Unlike some of the other water sports we’ve discussed, this one is great for the competitive streak in you. When you arrive you’ll be split into teams to race against each other on the track, desperately trying to beat each other and make it round the track in record times.

So there you have it, our selection of the best stag do ideas for summer which will keep you and the lads entertained – and also out of the pub – to make the most of the weather!

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