wedding time capsule

‘Note to (Future) Self’ – Wedding Time Capsules

wedding time capsule

Sometimes you can get so caught up with the stresses of a wedding that you forget to notice the little nuances that make the big day truly special. In the wise words of Katie Price: ‘I wish I’d never allowed OK magazine to shoot my wedding photos, I was shepherded about all day and didn’t even get to enjoy the surprise firework display arranged by Pete.’

Ok, so there probably isn’t much danger of us having to hide in a pumpkin style carriage, whilst the papparazi get snap-happy from their nearby helicopters, but we still love the idea of really savouring wedding memories by making a Wedding Time Capsule – much like a glorified ‘note to self’ that you can look back on at a later date.

You and the groom could gather some of these treasures:

  • A fashion magazine.  Always fun to look back at those in a few years’ time
  • A copy of your wedding guest registry
  • A newspaper from the day of your wedding
  • A nicely printed copy of your wedding vows
  • A sealed love letter from the bride to the groom, and the groom to the bride
  • A list of things you want to have done in the time between now and the time you open the time capsule.
  • Bottle of wine – which could be a vintage classic by the time it’s opened!

It could even be a great way for the bride’s friends to bond before the hen party, and break the ice between friends and family by all coming together to predict the following:

  • How many children will the couple have?
  • What kind of household robots will they own? (Illustrations from little relatives would be seriously cute for this.)
  • How many career changes will they have gone through?
  • What animal will be the trendiest pet?

The bride’s friends could create this in the form of a Vintage scrapbook, along with the embarrassing but hilarious hen party photos.

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